April 26 (Global Web Wire)- Amidst the excitement for the return of the Tabasco Fair in its 2023 edition, the presentation of the book “Ecos, Exposición Regional Tabasqueña” was held on Wednesday. The book summarizes the history of the greatest festival of Tabasco from 1880 to 1997.

The “Manuel Sánchez Mármol” auditorium of the Juárez Institute of the UJAT was the stage for the publication of this bibliographic work authored by Landy Aguilar Palafox.

The author herself commented that the book narrates how these events called expositions were in their beginnings so that people can revalue them, not only as a place to get drunk but also to get to know the state, its customs, and traditions.

At the event, moderated by the communicator Norma L. Dominguez, the writer pointed out that in the pages of the book, you can discover many of the products that have been exhibited, coming from the 17 municipalities of the state.

Aguilar Palafox pointed out that her book consists of 340 pages containing history, biographies, consultations, and some 270 historical photographs of the great event. Additionally, there are data of government reports and some decrees related to the fair that had to be put together to make the content of the work coarser.

The also recognized journalist from Tabasco exposed that for the edition of Echoes, she had the economic support of the Institute of Public Administration of Tabasco (IAP).

It will be on sale to the public at the Instituto de Fomento a las Artesanías de Tabasco (IFAT) at a cost of 250 pesos during the celebration of the fair, then it will have another price.

She commented that all the history told in the same material will give rise to rescuing the essence of the maximum state celebration. When asked why she gave that name to her work, she said that echoes or voices of ambassadors, protagonists, organizers, of all the elements that have to do with the realization of this traditional festival emanate from it.

She emphasized that there are testimonies captured here taken from books by Pepe Bulnes and the historian Geney Torruco, from which important information was obtained.

She also mentioned that the book contains details of the different venues of the expositions and fairs in the state, such as the Casa de Piedra, which was located in what is now the seat of the State Congress, the Tomás Garrido Canabal Park, La Choca Park, among others.

As well as many anecdotes and curious and important facts about the Tabasco Fair, as well as what is now called Preferia events. The presentation was attended by winners of the Flor de Oro and other former ambassadors of the eighties, who received a gift.

In her speech, Claudia Cecilia Gómez del Rosario recalled that her mother, Hilda del Rosario de Gómez, was the creator of the presentation of the ambassadors to the media. As well as a gallery that was transformed into the Hall of Flowers located at the Tabasco 2000 Convention Center in Villahermosa.

Meanwhile, the writer Vicente Gómez Montero mentioned that Landy Palafox exposes how the regional exhibition has had many names, in addition to clarifying the nooks and crannies, what has been said and what has not been said about our fair.

Likewise, he regretted that this festival has been distorted, and at the same time, he highlighted the work required to restore its essence. On the other hand, the Flor Tabasco 1983, Leticia Martínez Castillo, emphasized that the work will contribute a lot to the new Mexican school.

She also commented that the book would serve as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Tabasco, which often gets overshadowed by other regions of Mexico.

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