Die-hard fans of the Metal Gear Solid series might know about ending from MGS2: Sons of Liberty which underwent changes before the game’s release. But did you know that these changes are indirectly related to the 9/11 (September 11) attacks on America in 2001?

Hideo Kojima as the creator of the Metal Gear universe himself recently told (via IGN) about the complications when releasing MGS2, whose launch date was set before the 9/11 tragedy occurred, which even made him want to leave Konami.

Various photos and videos of the plane crashing into the World Trade Center building have been continuously shown in the media from around the world for several weeks. This makes Konami’s internal situation awkward, especially since the game itself presents places in America such as the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, as well as ending the original involving a large ship crashing in New York City.

When Kojima explained the situation at Konami’s board of directors meeting, only Kagemasa Kozuki as one of Konami’s top officials dared to take action. Kojima also explained his desire to leave Konami to Kozuki, but after hearing of the extreme steps Kozuki was willing to take, Kojima decided to stay and released Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty on November 29, 2001.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

MGS2 then received such a positive response, but Kojima’s health came at a price. Kojima explained that he did tend to get tired after completing a game, but it was different after the release of MGS2, where he fell ill and even had to move between hospitals because he couldn’t recover.

Furthermore, Death Stranding, which became Kojima’s work after leaving Konami, is also often considered to reflect the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected the whole world in recent years. This even prompted Kojima to rewrite the story of Death Stranding 2 because he did not want to indirectly predict an unpleasant event in the future.

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