After being in Bigetron Alpha for a long time, the player who is often nicknamed the King of Taunting, namely Rippo, has officially parted ways with the red robot team. This was conveyed directly by Bigetron Esports through a Social Media post containing an announcement about BTR Rippo Farewell.

This separation is certainly quite surprising news for fans of Mobile Legends esports. Because Rippo himself is known to often entertain with the various tauntings he gives.

Rippo is not only famous for his frequent taunting, but he also has great abilities while with Bigetron Alpha. The King of Taunting’s career has been so long with Bigetron Alpha.

However, the development of Bigetron Alpha is now dominated by young, quality players, which makes Rippo have to give them a place to develop further.

BTR Rippo Farewell

The announcement regarding BTR Rippo Farewell directly proves that the Bigetron team is now trying to get out of the comfort zone.

As we know that for the last 5 seasons, Bigetron has always tried to use foreign players to strengthen the Bigetron Alpha team. Not only players, they even now use foreign coaches to make their main team more stable.

Before there was Rippo, Bigetron Alpha used to rely on Bravo with Branz and Dreams. After Bravo left Alpha, his position was replaced by Rippo. At the same time, they also upgraded Xorizo ​​from the MDL team, Bigetron Beta, to the MPL team, Bigetron Alpha.

Since the presence of Rippo and Xorizo, the performance of Bigetron Alpha has also increased and become one of the superior teams at that time. Rippo’s last career with Alpha was when they won the Kohai Championship S2.

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