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Julieta Poggio confirmed that she announced her separation from Lucca Bardelli without telling him beforehand and explained the reason why?

The former Big Brother contestant decided to tell publicly that they were estranged, without consulting the young man beforehand.

The couple Julieta Poggio and Lucca Bardelli separated just two years before their second anniversary. The ex-participant of Gran Hermano (Telefe) was in charge of announcing the news a month ago. Now the influencer is in the news again for a statement about this bond that she made to the cycle La Tarde del Nueve (El Nueve).

“There was no infidelity. There was only a separation”, clarified the model who continues to enjoy her bachelorhood. Also, when the reporter asked her if it was true that Lucca found out through a streaming that they were estranged, she answered: “Well, it’s hard for me to lie. So, when they made a note to me and said ‘Juli, are you still dating? I couldn’t lie. You could see it on my face.

Then, Poggio explained the reason why she decided to disclose the breakup without consulting Bardelli: “Then I had to say it there, in the streaming, so that it would be public. And I decided to do it there because I was with my partners, who I trust and I knew that they were not going to judge me in anything”.

The young woman made reference to an episode that happened when she was in Fuera de Joda, the streaming cycle she hosts with the also exhermanitos Nacho Castañares, Lucila la Tora Villar and Daniela Celis, which is broadcasted by Telefe’s networks, in a chat in which Verónica Lozano also participated.

On that occasion, Juli was frank: “For the moment we are no longer with Lucca. It is difficult to talk about this live, but well. Everything is more than fine, although it is a very difficult moment”. Then she added. “I am finding myself with all these new things that are happening to me. And he is a great person and I will always appreciate a lot what he did for me, but I know he deserves the best and today I can’t give it to him”, she said, before the understanding look of her colleagues who seemed to be aware of the situation, since they were not surprised.

The reality is that, among the three finalists of Big Brother, Poggio was the contestant who best managed to position herself in the media world. In less than three months, the actress has already participated in the show Fuerza Bruta, and is getting ready to make her debut on Corrientes Street with Coqueluche, under the orders of José María Muscari and together with Betiana Blum during the upcoming winter vacations. In addition to the streaming channel, he also carries out a fitness-related venture with the former members of the most famous house of the country, Daniela and Romina Uhrig, in addition to his activity as a model and influencer in the networks.

Then Bardelli himself expressed himself in his social networks. The young man was sincere with the situation he is going through. “With Ju we separated with the best, there was nothing in between. On the contrary, pure love and a beautiful relationship of which we can only remember beautiful moments,” he began by pointing out on a black background with white letters.

Then, he added next to a heart emoji: “For me she is my family and I will never stop loving her. Obviously because of her moment it was complicated to continue together and we decided to leave before damaging the beautiful bond we have”. Before closing, the young man added a hopeful phrase about the future. “Hopefully at some point life can find us again happier than ever and continue sharing moments together”.

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