Joel Juárez Sánchez, driver who transported 23 migrants, is found dead

Joel Juárez Sánchez, a driver of one of the Eiffel Travel Agency vans transporting 23 migrants from San Felipe, Guanajuato to Saltillo, Coahuila is found dead, according to the San Luis Potosí State Attorney General’s Office.

Confirmation of the Death

Both the San Luis Potosi Prosecutor’s Office and the Eiffel Travel Agency confirmed the death of the driver, Joel Juarez Sanchez, who was driving one of the rented vans to take 23 people to Saltillo, Coahuila.

The San Luis Potosí Prosecutor’s Office reported that Joel Juárez died presumably as a result of “blows,” although the authorities are awaiting the results of the necropsy to officially announce the cause of death.

Details of the Operation

The information came from an operation between San Luis Potosi and Federal authorities in Matehuala. They found several vans reported stolen, a group of kidnapped people, including migrants from abroad, and arrested two people while seizing weapons of different calibers.

Identification of Luis Felipe Macías

The San Luis Potosi Prosecutor’s Office supplemented the information shared by the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, which announced the location and identification of Luis Felipe Macías, one of the drivers who was driving one of the two vans that Grupo Eiffel, a tourism company, rented for the trip to Coahuila on the night of 6 April.

Death of Joel Juárez Sánchez

However, a few hours later, the San Luis Potosí Public Prosecutor’s Office announced the death of Joel Juárez Sánchez, 36 years old, presumably as a result of beating.

Migrants and Kidnapped People

At the beginning of the report on the disappearance of 23 people who had left Guanajuato, it was said that it was a group of tourists, but as the hours went by, the authorities began to give other information. As of 7 April, the State Prosecutor’s Office says that in this operation in Matehuala, together with the drivers, they found a group of migrants.

The operation located 35 people, including 31 foreigners and 4 Mexicans, in a semi-desert area near Doctor Arroyo, in Nuevo León. The San Luis Potosi Prosecutor’s Office also found several kidnapped people in Matehuala, including a bus driver and 45 migrants.

Arrests and Releases

During the operation, they arrested one person for the kidnapping of 11 migrants who were released in a hotel in Matehuala. Nine migrants were released from a safe house, which was being guarded by another person who ended up being detained. Additionally, four people were released from a kidnapping after being robbed in their cars.

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