Jessica Millichamp

  • Name: Jessica Millichamp
  • Birthday: April 16, 1988
  • Husband: Paul Millichamp

Jessica Millichamp is 36 years old, and she’s been married to her husband Paul Millichamp since August 2010. They live in Gateshead, right near the Angel of the North landmark. They share their home with their dog Darcy, a mix of Chihuahua and Miniature Dachshund.

Their street is pretty special because Jessica’s Grandma, Moira, and Grandad live there too. They visit them every day for tea, and Moira is a real champ, making sure they’re all fed and sorted for the week. Lucky, right?

From Monday to Friday, between 8 am and 4 pm (sometimes a bit later if she slept in), Jessica works as a repairs administrator for a company that takes care of elevators and escalators. It might not sound super exciting, but it’s important work!

When she’s not working or hanging out at Moira’s, Jessica’s usually at home, relaxing and browsing the internet with her phone always close by. She spends time looking for cool outfits that make her feel great or watching tutorials about makeup and hair. She’s on a mission to find things that boost her confidence and make her feel ready to face the world.

Jessica has a knack for fashion and beauty, and she thinks she usually looks pretty amazing before stepping out of the house (most of the time, at least). She decided to start this blog to share all the things she knows about fashion, along with makeup and hair tips – she even plans to create her own tutorials! She’s also going to share her thoughts on things she finds interesting or funny.

So, that’s a glimpse into Jessica Millichamp’s life and what she’s all about.


Jessica Millichamp Jessica Millichamp Jessica Millichamp Jessica Millichamp

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