Jessica Cirio has once again reclaimed a significant presence in the media landscape following her separation from Martín Insaurralde. This shift in circumstances thrust the model into the spotlight.

In recent hours, however, she finds herself embroiled in a scandal, having become the subject of a complaint concerning threats.

This past week has proven to be quite challenging for Jessica (also known as Jesica Cirio), and the saga commenced with an interview she granted.

During the exchange, she candidly expounded upon the details of her breakup, revealing the profound emotional distress caused by her inability to share daily moments with her daughter. Yet, subsequent events would unfurl, ushering in a series of setbacks.

Foremost among these tribulations, one that elicited considerable consternation was the receipt of disheartening news regarding her father’s hospitalization due to a heart attack.

Despite their complex rapport and her absence from his bedside, she nonetheless expressed her desire to be apprised of his condition.

Jessica Cirio Faces Accusations of Threats and Disrespect

Beyond this familial ordeal, Cirio found herself confronting a weighty allegation from Estefi Berardi.

This young journalist asserted that the hostess of “La Peña de Morfi” had menacingly communicated with her following the publication of a news piece, exhibiting flagrant disrespect in their interaction.

“I came across certain messages from her to Estefi that were distinctly lacking in composure. She exerted pressure,” remarked Pampito Perelló on the show “Mañanísima.”

Subsequently, a panelist affiliated with Carmen Barbieri recounted the distressing encounter she endured at the hands of Jesica Cirio.

“To put it plainly, she issued threats, urging me to refrain from speaking out… she even resorted to name-calling, labeling me a prostitute. I believe that her anger got the best of her, prompting her to utter a host of inappropriate remarks. She further indicated her intent to besmirch my reputation,” Estefi disclosed about the incident.

Given the extensive reverberations stemming from this revelation of an unsettling episode, it has come to light that Telefe is deliberating the prospect of severing ties with Jessica Cirio for her involvement in their program “La Peña de Morfi.”

Weary of her recurrent implication in various scandals, Jesica’s standing to continue as the program’s host appears to have waned.

Her conduct after Jey Mammón’s departure, most notably her endorsement of plastic surgery during Silvina Luna’s vulnerable state, coupled with this recent occurrence, seems to be rendering Jessica Cirio an unsuitable candidate for the role.

It is anticipated that the channel’s higher-ups will soon communicate their resolution to her.

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