In the Old Testament the name jireh appears, which represents one of the many ways of referring to God, the most important being Jehovah. Therefore, it is represented as Jehovah Jireh, which means “He is the Lord my provider”. This name, from a theological criterion, defines the way believers call their God, to describe his greatness at certain junctures of life.

This name is derived from the Hebrew, referring to God’s willingness to protect his people, granting them what they need. Jireh represents a combined name derived from Jehovah, being the correct way to pronounce it: Jehovah Jireh. For the followers of the Christian religion, it is important to be able to know the different names of God, since this helps them to understand how he takes care of and protects them. It is about reinforcing their beliefs by understanding the signs divided according to their faith.

Jireh can also mean “the Lord who sees” or “the Lord who takes care”, everything will depend on how the faithful decide to call him when they say their prayers, so that these are heard, having the confidence that God will grant them the favor of granting all their requests.

The believers are based on what is written in the bible where the story of Abraham is told, to whom God allowed him to give as an offering a ram instead of his son, being this one of the most difficult tests of faith, but that showed him that he must trust that “Jehovah will provide”.

It is important to emphasize that in order to experience the truth that God is the provider, it is important to believe, since the strength of faith will allow the person to determine if Jehovah is really his provider. In times of economic, physical and emotional hardship, is when faith is put to the test; having the confidence that God will not allow us to go beyond what can be endured and not let the ups and downs of life alter the faith placed in Him.

God does not lie, Jehovah Jireh will provide all that is necessary for you and your family. Always keeping in mind what is written in Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart”.

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