Jaskier’s presence in The Witcher: Origin of Blood surprised fans of Netflix’s fantasy saga inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, especially considering that the minstrel never seems to age in the series, unlike other characters. A distinctive feature of the character that gave rise to the hypothesis that in The Witcher Dandelion is an immortal. An irreverent character capable of surprising with moments of heroism, Jaskier is often used as comic relief in a production that places a heavy emphasis on drama and epic, rarely interrupted by comedy.

According to a theory, in The Witcher, Dandelion may be immortal

The role of Jaskier, also known as Julian Alfred Pankratz, tends to act as an emotional counterpoint to this persistent seriousness, necessary in a mode strongly characterized by dark and violent atmospheres. Jaskier, let’s remember, self-proclaimed the singer of the exploits of Geralt de Rivia, the monster hunter protagonist of the series, following him in his exploits and showing himself as annoying as the sorcerer’s precious companion, becoming one of the favorites. audience characters.

Just talking about his character in an interview with digital spy, Joy Batey commented on the hypothesis that Jaskier would be immortal in The Witcher:

I will always say that there is a passage in one of the books where someone describes Jaskier like this: he is close to forty, he looks thirty, he thinks he is twenty but he acts as if he is ten. And that portrays him quite well. If you look at my photos from ten, fifteen years ago, I haven’t changed, I still have this baby face. Regarding immortality, there are no comments, but who can say?

This imaginative theory was born by doing a quick count of the passage of time in The Witcher. The first season is set between 1210 and 1263, covering a period of about fifty years. Taking into account that the first meeting between Jaskier and Geralt takes place in 1210, one would expect that the minstrel shows obvious signs of the passing of the years, while his appearance seems to indicate that these meetings take place at most a few months. A detail that further confused the timeline of The Witcher, which especially during the first season was criticized for being excessively complex and confusing due to non-optimal management of the story divided into different timelines.

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