The mayor of San Martín de Valdeiglesias and candidate for deputy for the PP, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has accumulated another controversial moment during one of the events in her municipality.

The video, to which Global Web Wire has had access, shows her with another person from her team. At one point, the latter starts feeling unwell amidst warnings from some colleagues, possibly directed at the attendees. Finally, the colleague leaves the stage when María Mercedes Zarzalejo asks if she feels well.

Laughing at a dead person’s health condition during an event

So far, there is nothing to complain about. However, the following statement comes to the applause and laughter of the majority, both in front and behind the camera, as shown in the video:

“I have to tell you that this is a good sign, an excellent sign. I have to tell you that every time someone gets a shock in this headquarters, we win the municipal elections.”

The reference is to a former PP militant who, in the previous campaign of the Popular Party, had heart problems and soon died. His daughter has taken out the colours against the person who goes on the list of the regional president with a publication on social networks.

“Not everything goes in politics. It seems that she has hit rock bottom by laughing at situations that have happened to people no longer here. Until now, I had not commented on the snubs and disrespect she has shown, but this is the last straw. A little respect and education, but of course, first, you have to know what those words mean,” she points out.

“He gave you a chance, in the same room and situation, because he believed and trusted you, contrary to what many people thought. I hope that all those who have laughed at and applauded you do not get the disappointment that my father got with you. I certainly ask you to refrain from making any comments about your person. I hope you do well in your new life because the education I have received does not allow me to wish ill to anyone. And of course, respect and education are words I understand,” develops the rest of the letter.

Controversies follow Madrid mayor Isabel Díaz Ayuso

The mayor of the Madrid municipality and number 62 on the list of the Sol leader brings with her several controversies, some of which this media outlet has reported.

One of these incidents occurred in July of last year within the Consistory Chamber when she remained inactive in the face of serious insults directed at the opposition by an individual “related” to her. At that time, socialist ranks lamented that the “embarrassing spectacle” was completed by threats against a resident.

The video, also published by ElPlural, shows how the councillor confronts a young woman at the doors of the Consistory, which forces the local police to intervene.

Refusal to Close Municipal Pool Despite Health Hazards

In September of that same year, the City Council refused to close the municipal pool even though they knew it had no chlorine and the danger it could pose to the neighbours.

Once again, this media outlet demonstrated through audio recordings the refusal of the head of Sports, Julia Sanchez Fernandez, who, after a conversation with a municipal worker and health sources, was aware of the danger of letting people bathe.

Despite the recommendations, she decided “not to close”, trusting her luck “that no one would go” and waiting for the chlorine to arrive.

In addition, this newspaper also published a third exclusive report, which has to do, in this case, with tributes to Franco.

The incident dates back to January 2nd last year when several regional PP mayors met at Eneldo Nature, one of the best-known restaurants in San Martin de Valdeiglesias. Among the group were Jaime Peral, mayor of Navas del Rey, and Mercedes Zarzalejo.

The controversy arose when the leaders removed a large bust of Franco and placed it on the chairs. After that, they put on legionary hats known as ‘Chapiris,’ paying homage to the dictator. The images published by this media outlet were taken after the tribute itself, which allegedly consisted of chants such as the Cara al Sol.

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