Skin Collector Dyrroth Terbaru – Yesterday, precisely on January 5 2023, Moonton has released Skin Collector latest for Dyrroth titled Naraka flame in ML. This skin is a hot topic of discussion among players because it is considered very cool with the theme “Devil from Hell”.

So what Skin Collector Is this newest Dyrroth worth buying in Mobile Legends? Here’s a review from the author.

Points to Consider Before Buying the Latest Dyrroth Skin Collector in Mobile Legends

There are several important points that we must pay attention to before buying a Skin in Mobile Legends: Skill effects, Skin rarity, and price.

Dyrroth Skill Effects When Using the Skin Collector in Mobile Legends

There are 4 Dyrroth Skill effects when using it Skin Collector in ML. Exist Pasif – Wrath of the Abyss, Skill 1 – Burst Strike, Skill 2 – Spectre Step, and Ultimate – Abysm Strike. What are the changes? Here we will explain.

Pasif – Wrath of the Abyss

This passive will make Dyrroth have a super strong third attack. Marked by a circular attack movement, and will issue an effect. When Dyrroth uses Skin Collectorthis, then the attack from Passive Dyrroth will issue a purple-coated black fire effect which is pretty cool.

The effect of this skill is quite prominent, especially when Dyrroth is alone Fighter who rely on a lot Basic Attack. So, he will very often issue Skill effects from this Skin. So, the Skin effect will not always be in the spotlight.

Skill 1 – Burst Strike

Unfortunately, the effect of Skill 1 from Dyrroth doesn’t really change when using it Skin Collectorits this. Only the fire blast is not too prominent when used. Like a small animation effect only.

Skill 2 – Spectre Step

And again, we also can’t see too much change from the effect Skin Collector This newest Dyrroth when using his Skill 2. Dyrroth will issue a slight fire effect when sliding towards the enemy, and the effect of the second attack after that also doesn’t make much of a difference, only changes to the color of the weapon.

It would be nice if Dyrroth’s Skill 2 effect was combined with a fire explosion that was more exciting than the effect Slash after dealing a fatal blow.

Ultimate – Abysm Strike

Now, let’s start with the best Skill effect when Dyrroth uses it Skin Collector this. He will cast a purple hand shadow (which is very similar to Susanoo belonging to Madara) and gathered strength towards his weapon. Then, Dyrroth’s weapon will penetrate the flames, giving the effect of a fire explosion to the enemy along with this weapon.

This skill effect makes players excited about it Skin Collector The newest Dyrroth in ML. You see, there is no darkness-themed skin that has a skill effect like Dyrroth’s.

I think it’s a really cool effect too, especially when the animation brings out those shadow hands. It’s like bringing to life a character from Dyrroth who is the prince of Abyss.

Skin Collector Dyrroth Rare Level in Mobile Legends

To assess more about whether Skin Collector Dyrroth is worth buying in ML, of course we have to consider the scarcity of his skin.

Skin Collector is a Skin that can only be obtained through Event Gacha named Grand Collector. This event is limited and will only be present for 20 days and you will have to wait a long time for it to return. As per the title, this skin will only be intended for those of you who want to collect it. So, the level of rarity is included in the fairly high category.

Latest Dyrroth Skin Collector Prices in Mobile Legends

As I explained above, you can only get this skin through Event Gacha, where there is no fixed price. But, according to some Youtuberyou can get Skin Collector Dyrroth by taking out 5000 – 6000 Diamonds, or the equivalent of IDR 1,500,000 more. To be honest, a very high number for just one Skin.


So, did Skin Collector Is this Dyrroth worth buying? I don’t think so much, if you are not a fan of Hero Dyrroth in ML. The problem is if you are a fan of Hero Dyrroth then it will be very fresh air to see the effects of new skills.

But, if you are not a fan of Hero Dyrroth like me, then the Skill effects offered are not very interesting and seem ordinary, except for the Ultimate-his. Even that is not something original in a skin innovation. Still with the Moonton principle, namely “inspired”.

In fact, it’s better to buy a collaboration skin, it’s clear if they buy a license first, then they can issue the skin. More worth it to get considering the authenticity of the characters and unique blends for ML Heroes. Like Skin King of Fighters – Orochi Chris for Dyrroth which in my opinion is still much better and interesting to watch.

But, I still appreciate the animation effects and various changes given to Dyrroth when using it Skin Collectorits this.

Indeed, a level of rarity Skin Collector this is fairly high and hard to miss. But, you can be more patient to wait for more interesting skins right? Maybe there will be Skin Collector which is even more interesting in the future for other heroes that you also like.

Do not forget also that the price offered is quite high, namely Rp. 1,500,000. A number that is enough to make a frown for a Skin in the Game huh. If I was given that much money to buy Skin Collector Dyrroth or waiting for another Skin, then I’ll just wait for another Skin. The problem is that I already have the Skin Dyrroth King of Fighters which I think is quite balanced with this Skin.

That’s my opinion on what Skin Collector The latest Dyrroth is worth buying in ML or not. Hope that helps you find an answer with a little insight from me.

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