Come onDance – The moment when we play the game rhythm or music, of course it gives its own sensation because we are required to surf with the music. Be it on-beat or off-beat, which is certainly challenging for even pro players to do.

Just like one of the favorite games in Indonesia, Audition AyoDance where this game often presents a collection of favorite music to be conquered with friends or individually solo to conquer leaderboard.

The question is, is it still fun to play the game ComeonDance This year? Through this relaxed discussion, we will try to explore these factors.

AyoDance Audition Still Exists Until This Moment

If you are one of the players of this game since the 2000s, congratulations, you can receive the title ‘living legends‘. If I’m being honest, the writer really didn’t expect that this game would still exist today amidst the onslaught of hundreds, even thousands of games since 2007.

Ayodansa and Oppa Korea Collaboration

However, even though it has been battered by various new games for more than a dozen years, it seems that this game still has a strong existence because it is supported by its players. And of course gameplaywhich is iconic and cannot be replaced by competitors who offer it gameplay similar.

It could be that the game developed by T3 Entertainment still exists because there are many veteran players who don’t want their favorite game to be closed, and support it through top-up.

List of Good AyoDance Songs in the 2000sAnything?

Because the author used to be active in an internet cafe, the author happened to know anything Nice AyoDance song in his time. Be careful, because this will invite nostalgia, you know. crime!

  1. FlowNot really
  2. Girl’s GenerationGee
  3. Hello IrmaBang Taib
  4. Audition DaysCannon Groove

Well, the four songs above are those that are often played in internet cafes around the author’s place. If you are curious, we also have a list of songs from the AyoDance Audition that you can read here.

To the point, is it still fun to play this game in 2023?

It could be said that Audition AyoDance still exciting and worth playing this year, and for the next few years because gameplay offered is quite unique and not too demanding a sense of competition.

Various Combo in Ayodance
It’s easy to play, crime!

To put it bluntly, anyone can play this casual music game, but to really master it will take quite a bit of time. Starting from the speed of reading eyes note on the screen, to be executed by the fingers, and then ended by pressing the space key on the keyboard.

Still Updated As of December 2022 Ayodance
Various songs and their features are still being updated.

Worth? Could be, because gameplayis quite challenging, plus Megaxus AyoDance is still beingupdate even today, making the collection of songs in the game even more relevant to the times.

Either you are beginners, or veteran players, still Come onDance will still be fun to play because in addition to presenting casual music games, the added community element makes this game even more interesting to play because there will always be new people to play with.

Looking for a Girlfriend at the Ayodance Audition
Good luck finding a girlfriend or crush, hopefully not headhehe!

Apart from adding online acquaintances, it is also possible that you will be invited to a kopdar meeting to get acquainted with one another if the community is in your area. The cool thing is, this is good news for those of you who happen to be still looking for crushes that are in the same city as you.

As for the game itself, we can still enjoy songs with other people, friends or soul mates because of the essence of Audition AyoDance is fun

Of course, this is good news for those of you who are also looking for stress relief after a hard day’s work. Instead of getting tired of playing competitive games, some people are looking for relaxing games so they don’t get even more stressed the next day.

In fact, there are not a few veteran players who still play this game and continue to support it, either because of a sense of nostalgia, or other things, which of course confirms that the Indonesian community deserves appreciation for supporting one of the local publishers to this day.

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