Zilong was released on Mobile Legends in mid-September 2016 with a fighter/assassin role. Zilong is famous for his push hero which is very annoying because he has high movement speed and attack speed. Besides that, Zilong is also known as a very reliable scooper hero.

As one of the older heroes in Mobile Legends, until now there are many exciting things about Zilong for you to know. Here are interesting facts about Zilong Mobile Legends:

Interesting Facts about Zilong Mobile Legends

1. Zilong’s inspiration

At first Zilong had the name Zhao Yun but was changed in 2017 to Yun Zhao and finally changed back to Zilong until now. Zilong is inspired by true stories in the Three Kingdoms, Zilong is also another name for Zhaou yun (honorary name).

2. Unique skills

Zilong has CC bling in skill 1 where the duration of this CC will not change even if you use magic defense shoes or even Harith’s passive. Apart from that, you can still hear the sound of ultimate zilong even though zilong is in the grass.

3. Having relationship with Ling and Chang`e

The Great Dragon and his disciples are at the top of a mountain called Dragon Altar. The Great Dragon has the eldest disciple Ling who is a great swordsman. Meanwhile, Zilong is found and brought to Dragon Altar by Great Dragon. Since Zilong’s presence, Ling began to change. After a while, a new student, Chang’e, arrived.

Once upon a time the Great Dragon wanted to find a successor, Ling and Zilong fought and the result was that Ling lost and Zilong became the successor of the Great Dragon. Ling who felt jealous left the Dragon Altar and formed the Cyan Finch organization. Ling waits for a rematch against Zilong.

So, those are 3 interesting facts about Zilong Mobile Legends. What do you think about Zilong? Are there any other interesting facts? Write your opinion, and don’t forget to keep visiting Gamedaim for interesting information about other game worlds.

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