There are still a few months to go before we can enjoy Dead Island 2, but while the time for its long-awaited release arrives, we continue to learn details about its development. In this case, it seems that Dead Island 2 will follow the path of the first installment a bit, where the weapons we got had a durability time, which meant that we had to repair, improve or change them for others.

In Dead Island 2 it will be similar, the team has explained that this decision that the weapons have a certain duration comes exclusively from a design decision. In this way, the team wants us to be the ones who choose to try new weapons or have the choice of whether it is worth spending money to repair it, being able to choose to buy a new one from one of the vendors that we will have in the game.

This will be the use of weapons in Dead Island 2

With the durability of the weapons, we don’t want to turn Dead Island 2 into a simulator or survival horror. It’s a tool we use to encourage players to get back to the workbench and not just fix or upgrade what they’re carrying, but progress through various levels. Our intention is to push the player to think whether it is better to pay to upgrade a weapon or buy a new and already modified one from a vendor. We want the player to feel free and encouraged to go back to base to always try something new.

If there are no further delays and everything goes according to plan, Dead Island 2 will be coming to Xbox on April 28.

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