The Basque streamer confirms that in early 2023 he will once again organize this event with dozens of content creators to raise money for charity.
Christmas is a propitious date to carry out all kinds of charitable work, and one of those who joins, one more year, is Ibai Llanos. The Basque has announced that in 2023 he will once again organize the Ibainéfico, his own event in order to raise money for charitable purposes. Below we will tell you all the details about this, which will be the sixth edition now.

All about Ibainefic 2023

The Ibainéfico will be held between January 3 and 4, something new, since it used to be held more towards the first days of December. On this occasion, the event will also be online, since according to Ibai, it is easier to organize and coordinate the different participants.

The main games and streamers of this edition are still unknown, but we can take a look at last year’s edition to get an idea. In 2022 there were four captains, who are nothing more than the four most important streamers in the country: Auronplay, Rubius, TheGrefg and of course, Ibai himself. Games were played against a multitude of video games, including the most popular of the moment, such as Fall Guys or Among Us, but also other less famous ones, such as a virtual version of ludo.

Throughout all these years, Ibai has amassed a total of 600,000 euros for charitable causes, and hopes to reach one million euros with this 2023 edition. in the coming weeks and we will tell you from here.

As happened in previous years, Ibai will once again organize the charity event that has characterized it for several years now. It is about the Ibainético, which, having not achieved a good date to do it at the end of the year, as usual, passed for the first week of 2023.

The Ibainéfico 2023 will take place on January 3 and 4, 2023, it will be the sixth edition of the event that in 2021 raised 205 thousand euros and which accumulates 600 thousand euros donated between the five previous editions. Ibai’s objective is to reach one million with what is collected in this new edition.

As always, a good number of streamers (50-60 creators) and games with each other and with the community are expected on both days. Even so, at the moment they have not confirmed who will be present in this edition of Ibainéfico.

It should be remembered that reaching the goal in previous years ended with Ibai shaving off all his hair, and even with him and several of his friends receiving live tattoos. We will see what surprises the new edition of Ibainéfico will bring us, which can be followed both days through the Ibai Twitch channel.

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