This is the right way to use Cuevana 3 to watch free movies on your Smart TV. Find out all the details.

Would you like to use the Cuevana 3 platform on your Smart TV to watch the movie releases you’ve been waiting for so long on a big screen? Believe it or not, there are several ways in which you could do it and of course, here in Global Web Wire we will let you know about them.

At first, you may think it is impossible, since unlike other streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, this does not have an official application for a Smart TV or Android TV.

However, there are several ways to watch the content of this platform on a smart TV, you will no longer have to say “I can’t watch Cuevana on my Smart TV”, we will share them below.

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How to watch Cuevana movies on my Smart TV?

With an HDMI cable: The first and perhaps easiest way in which you could watch Cuevana content on Android TV, is with an HDMI cable, you just have to enter the official portal from your computer, connect it to your TV and “voila”, you will start enjoying your selected movies on your screen.

HDMI cable

How to watch Cuevana movies on my Smart TV?

With a Chromecast: Another option to watch Cuevana 3 movies and series on your TV, is with a Chromecast, that is, with the Google device that will allow you to play on your TV, any type of audiovisual content directly from your cell phone.

With applications: Last but not least, today there are applications that simulate being a Chromecast, one of them is Web Video Cast, available for Android and iOS.

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How to watch Super Mario Bros: the movie on Cuevana 3?

To watch the new Super Mario Bros: the movie on Cuevana 3, you just have to enter the Cuevana 3 page, select the movie, close all the pop-up windows that appear and wait for it to start playing, at which point you can enlarge the image to the full screen of your computer.

Which page replaces Cuevana 3?

Since Cuevana is not a regulated platform, it is most likely that the page that would replace Cuevana 3 in case it is eliminated, would be Cuevana 4 and its variants.

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