Did you know that you can turn almost any smartwatch into a remote control for your phone’s camera? Well let us tell you that this is completely possible and luckily it doesn’t turn out to be something complicated to carry out.

That being said, below you will see a guide on how to then use your smartwatch (either a watch with wearOS, Samsung Galaxy Watch, an Apple Watch or a Huawei watch) as a remote control to take photos from your mobile, so say no more and let’s get to it.

Using a wearOS watch as a remote control for your mobile camera

Well, despite the fact that smartwatches with WearOS can connect to the vast majority of mobile devices, this doesn’t mean that you can necessarily take photos using it as a remote control. In fact, the feature is only available for wearOS 2 and wearOS 3 watches that are paired to a Google Pixel.

If you have these devices, what you need to do is the following:

– First of all, activate the watch.
– Look for the Camera app. You can download it on Google Play in case you don’t have it.
– Press on the shutter to take the picture and that’s it.

Using a Samsung Galaxy Watch as a remote control of your mobile camera

Controlling your phone’s camera through a Samsung Galaxy Watch is quite easy, although it must be with Galaxy phones, since if you use another smartphone it will not work.

Assuming then that you have both devices of the South Korean brand, all you have to do is locate the camera controller in the apps on your watch and wait a few seconds for them to connect correctly. In case you do not get to have this camera control app on your smartwatch, you can go directly to the Galaxy Store and download it there.

Using an Apple Watch as a remote control of your mobile camera

It is more than clear that the Apple Watch works only with iPhones, so it will be practically impossible for you to carry out this respective process if you have the Apple Watch but you have a mobile of another brand. Knowing this, you just need to locate the Camera app on your Apple Watch.

When you are inside the application, it will also start on the mobile and you can start taking the photos you want without any inconvenience.

Using a Huawei smartwatch as a remote control of your mobile camera

As it can not be otherwise, in Huawei smartwatches the remote control functions of the camera are available to be employed by any mobile of the Chinese brand that has EMUI 8.1 or later.

Now as for what you should do, the first thing is to connect your device to the Huawei Health application, then go to the list of applications of the device and click on Remote Shutter to enable the camera on the mobile. Finally, you just need to click on the camera icon every time you want to take a picture and that’s it.


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