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How to open an account on Bluesky, the social network of the founder of Twitter



The application suspended new registrations due to the large number of users wishing to create an account

Elon Musk’s decision to limit the amount of content that an account can display generated the negative reaction of several users who, in addition to complaining about this fact in a surprising way, decided to leave the social network to migrate to another one called Bluesky.

This new platform, which is still in a limited trial version, is owned by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who assures that this new application is a decentralized social network, which means that this platform allows users to have greater control over the information they provide.

In addition, just like Twitter, it maintains the functions of replying, liking and sharing a publication, being able to follow other users, generate text, images and video content, etc. This would be one of the reasons why more and more users would be looking to join Bluesky: it looks a lot like Twitter without actually being Twitter.

To open an account in this new application, users should follow these steps:

– Log in to Bluesky’s website “blueskyweb.xyz”.

– Click on the “Bluesky Private Beta” option to access the trial version of the application. This will redirect to the registration web page.

– Click on the “Create new account” button.

– Select the server on which you want to log in. This can be changed at any time, but by default the system will point to Bluesky. Once entered, click on the “Next” button.

– At this point users have two options: they can either join the Waiting List or enter an invitation code. The latter provide direct access to the application, but can only be obtained by someone who is already inside Bluesky.

– In the case of choosing to click on the “Join Waitlist” option, users must enter their email and the platform will send a notification when the application’s system is ready to accept new members. Since the test is closed, the application is not ready to receive new members en masse.

Bluesky suspends new registrations

Following the mass migration of users, Bluesky decided to suspend new user registration temporarily until its system is able to scale up the number of new accounts as it was not used to a high volume of registrations.

“We will temporarily pause new registrations while our team continues to resolve performance issues. We will update when invite codes are functional again. We are excited to welcome new members to our beta test soon,” the app team said in a post circulated within the Bluesky community.

Users can now download the app from their Google Play Store and App Store accounts, however the result will remain the same: the platform will not allow it because an invitation code will still need to be entered. In that sense, the best way to gain access if you do not know anyone who has access to the social network is to request to join the Waiting List and be aware of when the necessary permission will be given.

Once the approval email to join Bluesky is received, each user will be able to enter a username, password and other personal information to complete the registration.

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