casino car in GTA Online

casino car in GTA Online

With each weekly update of GTA Online, Rockstar updates the Diamond Casino prize vehicle, and by renewing it every week we can get different models for free with a simple trick.

Although GTA Online is filled with countless activities and objectives for players to complete, Rockstar takes their time when it comes to major content releases.
To keep players busy and engaged, the developers roll out a weekly update every Thursday that includes login bonuses, enhanced rewards for specific missions, featured races, and of course, a new vehicle on the wheel.

While most players fight to win the jackpot and win the featured car, a GTA content creator has figured out how to manipulate the wheel of fortune with a super simple technique.

What vehicle can we get in the GTA Online January 26 update?

The Pariah is a sports car valued at $1,420,000 from Legendary Motorsport. Check out the dealer’s description below:

“This is not an accessible sports car. It won’t rub its avant-garde bodywork in your face or let you tamper with its dashboard on the first drive. He’s dignified, sophisticated, even a bit aloof. It will only reveal its charms with the right driver. But one day, after years of practice, you will realize the utter contempt you now hold for the rest of the human race, and you will know that you can finally say “I drive a Pariah.”

We can try to get it legally by trying our luck or making sure that we are going to get it.

How to always win the Podium vehicle in GTA Online

Thanks to the GTA Online content creator, LaazrGaming, with just a few simple steps we can always get the car of the week.

If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t worry, because it will probably take you more than one try before you master the technique:

  • Go to the GTA Online Diamond Casino.
  • Start a private session so that the roulette is new.
  • Interact with the wheel and wait for the “use to spin” bar to appear in the upper right corner.
  • As soon as the bar appears, count to four
  • At this point, turn the left stick (or mouse) up and then down.
  • taraaa! You already have your new car.

If you have no doubts, take a look at the video in case you need more detail on how to do it.

We don’t know if Rockstar might tweak it in future updates, so grab it when you can.

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