Samsung Galaxy S22 and the One UI 5.0

Hello readers, we were testing the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone from the last 3 weeks after it got the new One UI 5.0 update, so today we will tell you everything we have experienced so far with this device, there are few negatives after the One UI 5.0 update, we will tell you everything in detail, so you can judge it all by yourself. 


Now, let’s take a quick look at the device itself, starting with the design, whenever we use our Galaxy S22 phone in public, people keep asking us “what phone is that?”, when we were testing this phone, everyone was amused by its design.

Samsung has done a great job on the design. The bar around the camera is in matte finish, so it doesn’t gather any scratches. But we have noticed that the metal frame around the phone gets dents very easily. So, we will recommend you all to use a back cover at all costs. 

Another reason for using a cover is that the back panel of the phone gets warm often after the UI update when doing certain tasks in the phone, so using phone at that time makes your hands sweat, it becomes very uncomfortable to use the phone at that time. 

Talking more about the design, if we look at the phone from front, the phone has kind of thick bezels. The price it comes at, Samsung should have provided thinner symmetrical bezels like the Xiaomi 11 Ultra. 


If we talk about the speakers, the speakers are good, but they are not as bassy as speakers present in other phones present in the same price range. But the quality of the speakers is pretty good. We tried listening to podcasts and could hear everything clearly. The sound comes pretty balanced from the stereo speakers present in the phone. 

Fingerprint Scanner

Talking about the fingerprint scanner after the new One UI 5.0 update, it has become kind of slow compared to other phones, and we have also noticed some accuracy problems with it, sometimes it just doesn’t work, but it happens very seldom. 


Now, if we talk about the networks, if we compare it with other phones, the phone sports slightly less networks after the update, it doesn’t mean we face issues like call drops, the only issue i faced was of Data Transfer Speed. We got very less speed compared to speeds we get in other phones. And we are not the only one who faced this issue, several people who own this phone have reported the same problem. 


Coming to the battery optimization after the One UI 5.0 update, initially we got pretty bad battery backup, the battery was draining pretty fast, but after 3 days, we don’t know how Samsung did it, but through their software magic, the battery backup changed completely. There was some AI in action in background, that AI understood our device usage behavior and started giving a whole day battery backup despite using the phone for consuming a lot of multimedia. 


After the One UI 5.0 update, we had noticed that when we were launching the camera app again and again for testing, we faced some jitters which were very unexpected. We didn’t face these jitters before the update. But if we talk about the picture quality, it is the same as before, the phone still captures the same sharp, clean, and crisp images like before. The portrait mode still kills all the competition with its punchy and saturated high-quality images. 

But we faced one issue which ruined the camera experience right at morning. We were shooting a portrait video for few minutes, and suddenly a notification popped up that the phone is getting warm and we had to turn off the camera app and wait for the phone to get to normal temperature. 

We couldn’t believe that this happened in the morning. The temperature was not hot at all, it was a normal morning. We see this error usually in iPhones, but even they show it in a warm sunny afternoon, and not in the morning. Hope Samsung fixes this issue in the next update coming this very month. 

Do you own a Galaxy S22 phone? How is your experience after the new One UI 5.0 Update? Let us know in the comments!

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