How Google Go works, the application that brings together several Android features

This platform is an alternative to optimize cell phone storage.

One of the problems with any cell phone is that over time, due to the amount of information and applications, the storage memory space reaches its limit. And that is where platforms like Google Go are a solution, because they offer a lighter version with almost the same amount of functions.

To Android arrived in 2019 this app, which is an option for those who have older devices with reduced storage space or who want to save memory to use on other content such as photos, videos or documents.

This platform is a light or lite version of Google, the company’s application that brings together several functions such as access to Lens, Discover search engine and more.

What Google Go looks like

The usual Google application comes preinstalled on cell phones and takes up about 500 MB when it is on the device, to which user data and cache must be added, which ends up in almost 1 GB.

As an alternative, Google Go appears, which occupies 31 MB on the phone. A figure that helps to optimize mobile storage and RAM memory expenditure.

The reduction in size will mean that the application does not have all the features of the original platform, but that does not mean it is not an alternative to consider. For example, the Discover feed is available, where current news appears.

While in the search bar there are options such as Lens, the translator, microphone queries, incognito mode and the Google Assistant.

These are all the functions that Google Go has, which for many users will be enough if they do not take advantage of the other tools of the original platform, which has identification of songs, check product prices, among other options.

How to install Google Go

This is an exclusive Android application and is available worldwide. So you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. To do this you have to search for it with its name in the search bar and then install it.

Once downloaded, you will have to log in with a Google account, which should be the same as the one you have on your cell phone, and that’s it, and with that you can enjoy the experience, which offers fluid movements and allows you to open web pages directly from the app.

When installing it, it is advisable to delete the original Google application, to optimize the storage space, to do this you must follow this process:

1. Go to the cell phone settings.

2. Search for the option Applications or Application Management.

3. Open the list of installed applications.

4. Search for Google.

5. Click on the options: Disable and Force stop.

In this way, the platform will be inactive and will no longer run, instead we have to use Google Go.

How to know which applications I have installed on my cell phone
One of the functions that Google Play Store has, allows you to enter the account registry and check which programs are present on the device or which were deleted.

To access this section, users must follow these steps:

– Enter the Google Play Store application.

– Click on the profile picture to open the options menu. This is located at the top right of the screen.

– In the menu, click on the “Manage devices and apps” option.

– In the section, click on the “Manage” tab. It will redirect the user to a list of applications that are currently installed on the device they are on.

– To access the historical record, users will have to click on the highlighted “Installed” button. A short list will open from which “Apps not installed” should be selected.

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