Heterosexuality is a social condition considered even above social taboos, the standard behavior when it comes to sexual orientation. It is nothing more than the attractive relationship between men and women. It is said that a man is heterosexual when his attention is called by the beauty or unparalleled characteristics of a female, and of course, if he tries to enter into a romantic relationship with her for a subsequent sexual encounter and mating it is called a common heterosexual relationship. Heterosexuality is a purely social term, product of the presence of a deviation of the common and correct ideals according to the institutions that established them, mainly the church and organizations in search of the fulfillment of old writings such as the bible, which say that the correct relationship for reproduction and love should be between a man and a woman.

Heterosexuality represents in society an example to follow, established from a biological principle that dictates that sexual reproduction can only occur when a sperm given by a man is fertilized in an egg provided by the woman, in an act of both physical and sentimental interaction. Another variable of social importance are the religions which brand as aberrant the idea of homosexuality, heterosexuality is the fundamental basis for the formation of a family. To this day, there are no religious doctrines in large societies that are tolerant of any other form of relationship than heterosexuality.

In times of crisis and intolerance, the moral principles and ethics of a society are altered, giving way to the acceptance of homosexual relationships, at present, thanks to the declaration of peace treaties and understanding of other types of relationships besides heterosexuality we can say that we live in a plural world, with reasons and doctrines other than those already established, concepts have been developed against discrimination of genders and sexual positions, such as homophobia, which is the most significant case of repulsion at this time in society by heterosexuals towards homosexuals.

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