An artist took advantage of an image of a disfigured face that appeared in a medical book; There is already a mod that replaces it.

In recent days, Half-Life 2 fans have confirmed a macabre discovery with one of the discarded models from Valve’s game, Corpse01.mdl, also present in Garry’s Mod and other mods in Source: its appearance belongs to a real published corpse in a medical book.

Valve made significant changes to Half-Life 2 during development -something common in most productions-, discarding entire areas and softening the tone of the first versions, darker and more explicit. One of the remnants of those prototypes is Corpse01, a rather realistic burned body that gave many youngsters nightmares in its day.

An image of the real body, which appeared in a medical book, was posted on Reddit and was recognized there. Richter Overtime echoed the information: a Valve artist used this image with minimal changes, something that is not entirely strange; During the creation of Mortal Kombat 11, some artists complained about the traumatic development of the Fatality, in which material from deaths and murders was used as a reference for these final movements.

There is already a mod that removes this corpse

If until now Corpse01.mdl used to be used in many mods, after the news there are players who reject its use because it is a disturbing image that belongs to a deceased. There is already a mod like Removed Real Corpse from Hobo Texture that replaces this model with another fictitious one, bloody but less realistic. “I have not used the original image other than for the description of a partially charred body with teeth visible. I think the texture ended up looking more rotten than charred, but in the context in which it is used in GMod this doesn’t matter.”

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