MLB’s Mexican representative: We review the career of Guillermo Celis, the Hispanic influencer you should follow in this Major League Baseball postseason.

Born in Mexico City, he is a sports journalist who has been covering Major League Baseball and the Caribbean Series for about two decades. Throughout his career as a journalist, he has excelled in covering the best MLB games on the field, talking to the protagonists.

A graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana de México, he has worked as an analyst, narrator and commentator of various disciplines, but mainly baseball. He has been with ESPN since 1997 and has also been the official Spanish-language voice of the Dodgers.

#1 with the stars

Working mostly as a field reporter, he is, along with Enrique Rojas, the reporter that Latinos always look to for commentary. Throughout his career he has interviewed top players such as: Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Sammy Sosa, Robinson Cano, Albert Pujols, among other baseball legends.

Recently, it was announced that after a long time with ESPN, journalist Guillermo Celis will not continue with the prominent sports network. He not only covered the Major Leagues, but also all the winning teams of the post-MLB leagues, including the Caribbean Series.

Postseason Influencer

The best time for baseball is in October, as it means it’s the home stretch for the majors. Guillermo Celis is a specialist in analyzing what happens in MLB’s best month of baseball. He takes this knowledge to social networks. @GuillermoCelis has 288k followers on Twitter.

He is part of the Emmy winning baseball show, “Baseball Tonight” where together with Rocket Valdez, another prominent former player, Carolina Guillen, Ernesto Jerez, Enrique Rojas and Luis Alfredo Alvarez are in charge of analyzing and discussing the highlights of the MLB. Guillermo and the rocket are the Mexican representatives of the successful program throughout Latin America.

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