Modernia Goddess of Victory NOD

In early 2023, the SHIFT UP developer finally released the new character banner for the NIKKE game, which the players have been waiting for. Who else if not Modernia or you prefer to call her name as Marian Goddess of Victory NOD.

It turns out that Modernia NIKKE’s presence in the game is not just a collection of waifu or following lore story that just happened, even this character also has gameplay with very good skills. Many players give positive responses about Modernia in terms of gameplayespecially when facing many enemies at once.

So, on this occasion, we will provide information about the Modernia Guide Goddess of Victory NOD complete with explanation. This information is based on the personal experience of the author who managed to get Modernia on his gacha banner.

Guide Modernia Goddess of Victory NOD

Here’s the Modernia Guide Goddess of Victory NOD complete with an explanation of the skills you should know:


  • Max HP: 583734
  • Attack: 25554
  • Defense: 3539
  • Role: Attacker, Buffer, DPS

*The above stats do not include using Equipment


  • Rarity: SSR
  • Element: Fire
  • Weapon: Minigun
  • Burst type: Burst III
  • Class: Attacker
  • Manufacturer: Pilgrim


  • Skill 1 – High-Speed Evolution: active when Normal Attack hits an enemy, dealing additional Damage of 3.05% (Max skill level). Then when Normal Attack hits the Enemy 200 times, it increases Critical Damage by 14.25% (skill level Max) which can be stacked 5 times lasts for 10 seconds. In addition, the maximum bullet capacity has increased by 5.04% (Max skill level) which can be stacked 5 times and lasts 10 seconds for yourself.
  • Skill 2 – Giant Leap: Increases Hit Rate by 8.56% (Max skill level) for 15 seconds for all characters when Squad activates Burst Skill. Then when Normal Attack hits the enemy 200 times as long as the Hit Rate is up, you can increase Attack by 29.38% (Max skill level) for 10 seconds for yourself.
  • Burst Skill – Burst Skill – New World: Full Burst duration for all characters is increased for 5 seconds, then for 15 seconds ammo will be unlimited for yourself. A mode called Destroy Mode gives the effect of expanding the Line Sight distance and the Auto Aim feature for all enemies that enter the Aim distance area which has the effect of producing an Attack Damage of 2.24% (Max skill level) for 15 seconds. But please remember, Boss Stage which has many Interruption Parts only counts as 1 target even though the enemy or his weak point is in the Aim area.


Oh boi, for the explanation of Modernia in terms of gameplay it will be very long. First of all, I will explain how Modernia or Marian NIKKE is one of the new characters who immediately enters the highest Tier List with Harran and Scarlet.

For the first skill only, Modernia can provide additional damage effects to enemies. That’s just the effect of one bullet that hits, not to mention if Normal Attack hits the enemy 200 times, he will get the effect of increasing Critical Damage which can be stacked with a duration of 10 seconds per stack. Plus the maximum capacity of his bullets also goes up when you hit an enemy that can be stacked too with the same duration.

With the help of her Skill 2, Modernia can also become a Buffer by increasing the Hit Rate of all characters in the Squad when the Burst Skill is active. Not to mention the follow-up effect which can increase his Attack with a sizable value for himself when the bullets have hit the enemy 200 times.

You can use these two skills easily, especially since the type of weapon Modernia uses is included in the Minigun category in the game (LMG if you look at the shape of the weapon). You only need to shoot at the enemy continuously accompanied by the 2 skills earlier.

For Burst Skills, Modernia is truly a terrible monster for all enemies who come rushing in. With its Destroy Mode, Modernia can shoot all enemies simultaneously in the Aim area which becomes bigger. This skill is the most targeted by players because it will be very easy for you to wipe out all the enemies in the area. Coupled with the effect that the duration of the Burst Skill is 5 seconds longer than usual, it will be very easy for you to clear all areas on any stage.

But please remember that according to my explanation earlier on Burst Skill, Modernia will not attack more than 1 at a weak point or an Interruption Part in the Boss Stage. That’s because the Boss Stage still counts as one target. But if you need Modernia to wipe out the small enemies in the Boss Stage, Modernia can still be the best character in Squad. It’s just that his DPS statistics will drop when compared to Harran and Scarlet who are both Pilgrims.


So, is Winter Shopper Rupee a must for you or not? The answer YESYESYESYES!!! Apart from being a Pilgrim character (usually always OP in the Tier List), Modernia NIKKE is very suitable in various Stage conditions. Especially if you want to wipe out enemies easily thanks to Modernia’s Burst Skill.

But please remember, Modernia is suitable for Stage against enemies, the story is different if you use it in PvP mode. So if you want to rush the Story Stage or Tower Stage, Modernia NIKKE can be the solution for you.

Without further ado, you should get Modernia right now. Before the rate-up banner he ran out. If necessary, try to maximize his uncap level using Body Spare or maybe use a Gold Ticket at the Shop for Modernia.

Tier List NIKKE Goddess of Victory

Talking about the tier list, previously we have provided information about the most META Tier List of NIKKE Goddess of Victory at the moment.

That’s the information about Guide Modernia Goddess of Victory: NOD what you need to know. Hopefully this information can help those of you who are still confused about whether to gacha this character or not. But in my personal opinion, you are highly recommended to get him, not only as a waifu and story lore, but also in terms of gameplay.

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