Gomita showed off dancing in a brown mini dress that was about to show something more than her legs, but what most caught the attention of her followers was the change she had in her rear

The television host Aracely Ordaz , who is better known as Gomita , has not missed an opportunity to pose with revealing clothes that reveal the curvaceous silhouette that she obtained thanks to cosmetic surgeries, and although it is not a secret to anyone, once again she divided opinions by appearing dancing in a tiny dress that revealed the curves of her rear.

The sexy clown has not had a good time this year that is about to end due to her family problems, especially for having been the victim of physical violence first by her father and months later by her boyfriend, despite all the painful episodes that she faced, she has also become one of the darlings within social networks in which she continually gives something to talk about for posing with tight clothes and swimsuits that leave very little to the imagination, so during a recent getaway to the forest was no exception.

The controversial publication was made through her official TikTok account, where the sexy clown from Mexico enjoys sharing videos in which she appears with revealing clothing of all kinds, from dresses, tight sports outfits, bodysuits, and even daring Halloween costumes. that left more than one breathless.

But it was one of her most recent publications as the charismatic influencer appeared doing one of her usual dances in which she wore a brown mini dress that was about to show something more than her legs.

And it is that, on this occasion, what most caught the attention of her followers was the change she had after ensuring that the buttock implants had been removed, which ended up dividing opinions.

“Hay Gomita you don’t let yourself be helped”, ” What happened to you? ”,“ I think she did not take them off, she put on smaller ones ”,“ She is beautiful and admirable ”,“ She flatly does not understand ”, are just some examples of the messages she received.

In another video, Gomita once again showed off her dancing skills wearing the same outfit, although this time more fans expressed their admiration in the comments section.

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