With consistent updates and revamps for Goddess of Victory NIKKE, this game continues to receive attention including many new arrivals. But even though the game is only a few months old, there have been changes to the meta of which characters are mandatory to be targeted.

For this reason, in this article we have summarized the latest version of the tier list for the Goddess of Victory NIKKE to include a new year’s event that carries the character of Modernia.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE itself is a mobile game that puts you in the role of a waifu android troop leader who is on duty as a guardian of justice. The game carries cover-based shooter gameplay where you look for the right moment to take cover and attack enemies from a fixed position.

The main attraction of this game, of course, lies in the myriad of waifu characters, which really emphasize the impression of fanservice.

Back to the tier list, we base it on playing experience and recommendations from the community. Of course there will still be changes from time to time because the data isn’t taken from the final version, but at least you can still get a clear picture of which characters have maximum potential and which ones should be avoided. The following is the tier scale that we define:

  • Tier ACE: The character with the best / even overpowered stats, skills, and combat potential in the game so far.
  • Tier S: A top-class character who can be relied upon in many situations while fighting on the front lines.
  • Tier A: A reliable character that is still suitable for you to make as a main member, unless by chance there is a stronger character that you can make a substitute for.
  • Tier B: Characters with standard stats and abilities are actually sufficient, but you need a big commitment to be able to maximize their strength.
  • Tier C: The characters with the lowest caste should be ignored, unless you are still in early progress or want to experiment.

It should also be understood that the characters in the game are divided into three main roles, namely Attacker, Defender and Support. Besides that, there are also different variations of weapons, elements, and Bursts which of course need to be considered when forming a team.

In the game you can form a team of 5 characters and even though the options given are quite flexible, we highly recommend at least forming a team with a stable formation that includes the three roles above.

Tier List Character Goddess of Victory NOD

Tier Character Name Sequence
ACE Scarlet, Harran, Centi, Liter, Modernia, Drake
S Privaty, Rapunzel, Helm, Pepper, Novel, Volume, Noah, Poli, Snow White, Yuni, Rupee, Signal, Milk, Exia, Dolla, Sugar, Admi, Julia, Brid, Noise. Anne Miracle Fairy
A Rapi, Neon, Alice, Yan, Crow, Laplace, Frima, Miranda, Emma, ​​Anis, Maxwell, Rapunzel, Guillotine, Belorta, Maiden, Soline, Delta, N102, Aria, Diesel, Neve. Rupee Winter Shopper
B Folkwang, Mary, Ether, Mica, Yulha, Epinel, Mihara, Eunhwa, Isabel, Vesti, Soline, Ludmilla
C iDoll Flower, iDoll Ocean, iDoll Sun, Soldier EG, Soldier FA, Soldier OW, Product 23, Product 08, Product 12
Character Notes
Scarlet You could say the character with the highest damage potential in the game must be the main fighter on the front lines. All of the skills have very high Damage and Critical rates, but some can have an impact on decreasing HP.
Harran One of the strongest snipers in the game with the best strength potential, not to mention there is a bug that makes the charge attack much stronger.
Centimeters Centi’s potential is finally being felt after many acknowledge it as the unit with the best energy production capabilities. Apart from that, he also has support skills that can be very strong in maximizing the defense of the entire team.
Liter Liter is an excellent support character who can buff attacks, shorten skill cooldowns, and restore HP. A versatile support character that must be the main target.
Modern Apart from being seen as a waifu material, Modernia is also very tough on the battlefield thanks to its extraordinary AOE damage output. Very reliable both against one target boss and a group of enemies with thick defense.
Drake A reliable fighter who can also buff ATK and Hit Rate to all teammates. It is very suitable to be brought to all battlefields especially raid bosses.

So, that’s the new updated version of the tier list for Goddess of Victory NIKKE. Hopefully the summary above can give you an idea of ​​which character should be targeted when rerolling. We will continue to monitor the development of the meta game while updating this tier list if necessary, including when new characters are added from time to time.

The game itself is available for download first on Android and iOS. You can check full details and the latest developments about the game on their official website.

Goddess of Victory: NOD

Publisher: Level Infinite

Developer: SHIFT UP

Mobile Game, Android, iOS

The newest mobile game from SHIFT UP that carries cover-based shooter gameplay, where you need to find the right moment to take cover and attack enemies from a predetermined position. The main attraction of this game, of course, lies in the myriad of waifu characters, which really emphasize the impression of fanservice.

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