Four years after the premiere of Knives Out, the second part of the series is taking Netflix by storm. Glass Onion made it to the list of the top ten most popular videos on the platform.

The new story of detective Benoit Blanc has attracted many viewers to the screens. The very next set of knife movies – Glass Onion – in the period from December 26 to January 1, it unbeatably took first place for most viewed English-language movies.

The first week after its release brought phenomenal results to Rian Johnson’s latest whodunit. The film was viewed 127.25 million hours in seven days, to which must be added 82.1 million hours during the first two days on the platform.

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The audience for the film is still high. Along with the films Matilda: Musical and Knives Out, the first part of the series not available on Polish Netflix, it was on the podium last week. And in the list of the most viewed films in the ten days after the premiere, the production ranked third. It was only surpassed by Red Note (364.02 million) and Don’t Look Up (359.79 million).

However, the overall ranking of the most popular movies on Netflix is based on the first 28 days. Glass onioncurrently in tenth place, still has time to rise even higher.

Wednesday continues to reign in the ranking of series, which consumed another 103.9 million hours of viewers’ lives. The third season of the series Emily in Paris was also a success, ranking second. The Witcher: Blood Pedigree jumped from seventh to third, with Harry and Meghan’s story dropping four places in the rankings.

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