Gigi Hadid flaunts her curves in a colorful, tight dress as she walks the streets of New York. The supermodel, known for her unique fashion sense and having walked more than 150 fashion shows, continues to make a statement with her bold and playful outfit. She recently debuted as a host on Netflix’s Net in Fashion, and her outfit for the show was no exception.

Gigi Hadid's Colorful Fashion Statement in New York

Gigi Hadid’s Colorful Fashion Statement in New York

Her outfit is perfect for those who want to be comfortable, elegant, and fashionable in a single garment. The dress comes in dark red, bright yellow, bright orange, peach, blue, and green, the whole rainbow! Gigi Hadid wore it with square-toed, high-top, mid-heeled boots in tan leather. The closed dress with turtleneck or half shirt is almost emblematic of versatility, and can be worn day and night.

The outfit does not require coats or additional styling as it has personality to spare. Gigi Hadid wore it with an almost low ponytail, soft makeup, and mid-heeled shoes for a daytime look. It can also be paired with stilettos in the color of your choice, a clutch, or a high hairstyle for a more glamorous touch.

In summary, Gigi Hadid’s outfit is a powerful and personal look that showcases her love for the fashion universe. Although this information is provided for inspiration, the important thing is to wear what makes you feel comfortable, always.

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