Meta Ciki Mobile Legends has recently been very popular because it is viral on social media, especially TikTok. I don’t know who first popularized this meta, but what is clear is that Meta Ciki has really become widely used by Mobile Legends players.

Meta Ciki is considered effective to use, especially when playing with friends or in a party. Because it guarantees instant kills and a big chance of winning.

So what exactly is Meta Ciki Mobile Legends, which is viral on TikTok? Let’s discuss more in the following.

Get to know Meta Ciki Mobile Legends

Meta Ciki is a meta where players will lock or target one opponent’s hero as food throughout the game. As the name implies, ciki is food that we will often eat.

Throughout the game, players will only lock and target one hero, usually the targets are enemy Junglers and Marksman who act as the core in the game.

This Meta Ciki aims to weaken the opponent’s mentality and make it difficult to play. Of course, for players who have difficulty being able to play, it will definitely make it difficult for the team, aka a burden, even at worst, they can end up AFK.

Of course this is an advantage for those who use Meta Ciki, because they can win the game more easily.

A Hero That Matches Meta Ciki Mobile Legends

To be able to use Meta Ciki, you have to use specific heroes that are suitable for locking, including Johnson, Chou, Kaja, Fanny, Hanzo, Yin, Khadita, and other lock type heroes.

Of all the existing heroes, most players who rely on Meta Ciki usually use the Johnson hero. So if you see an enemy pick Johnson’s hero, then you have to be careful.

This is information about Meta Ciki Mobile Legends, I hope the information we provide can be useful and useful. Keep up with Global Web Wire so you don’t miss other updated information about Mobile Legends Tips from us.

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