Gerard Piqué (36) has been in the spotlight for a few months now and of course, the cameras are going to catch him at any step he takes. That’s what happened to the soccer player who was out shopping with his children and suddenly realized that one of them was missing. Where is Sasha? Well, the poor man had stayed in the store, probably clueless while his father and brother went about their business.

Piqué is human (we do not know if more or less than Shakira (46)) and in the end so much media coverage ends up taking its toll. The footballer was with his children shopping at the Barcelona store surrounded by photographers capturing every move so it was fully recorded what happened when they were getting ready to return to the car.

In the video that has already gone viral, you can see Gerard Piqué leaving the store with his son Milan, who then enters the back of the car until… the footballer realizes that his other child is missing.

The ‘Kings Leage’ begins to look this way and that until little Sasha suddenly appears running so that his father and brother do not leave without him. Clearly the child was distracted by the store, and when he went to find out, he realized that neither his father nor his brother were there.

As you can imagine the social networks were filled with various opinions about this event and Shakira’s fans (46) are always very critical of anything that Piqué does but…. Who has not been in a similar situation?

Let’s remember that something VERY similar happened to Kim Kardashian (42) back in the day when North West (9) was still a baby. But this was more comical because Kim even gets to get in the car and that’s when she realizes she’s missing something…. Oops, the baby girl. Oh lordy.

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