Genshin Impact January 2023 Calendar — Entering the beginning of the new year, HoYoverse has brought various characters through their newest update. Starting from Nahida, Layla, Faruzan, to Wanderer, they came to enliven the RPG based action games. Speaking of Wanderer, HoYoverse presents a new calendar with faces in early 2023. What are you curious about? Let’s discuss it together!

Wanderer in the January 2023 Genshin Impact Calendar

Wanderer Genshin Impact

Wanderer Genshin Impact

HoYoverse is continuing its monthly tradition of releasing Genshin character calendars. Since his birthday is right in January, Wanderer is now the new face for the Genshin Impact January calendar next year.

Just like the calendars of Ganyu, Fischl, Xiao, Noelle and others, there will be several cute character icons on each Wanderer calendar date, namely Thoma’s birthday on January 9th, Diona on January 18th, and Rosaria on January 24th. As usual, para traveler will receive gift special if do login right on each character’s birthday later.

Starting today, The Wanderer is officially the new face on the Genshin calendar as your companion in early 2023! You can see the calendar below:

Genshin Impact Wanderer Calendar

Genshin Impact Wanderer Calendar

Genshin Impact Players Lack Geo Elements, Players Demand More Characters

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The lack of Geo elements is the cause of protests by Genshin Impact players.

Still focused on this game made by HoYoverse, players asked HoYoverse to release more Geo characters into the game. This RPG game has introduced a variety of new characters with varied elements in each update.

However, the character with the most recent Geo element, Yujin, was last released on January 5, 2022. This means that it has been almost a year that Genshin Impact has not released a new character with this element into the game.

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