One of the new bosses in Genshin Impact has come along with update 3.4, the Worm of Sutej. In this guide we are going to show you how to find it, how to defeat it and get your ascension material from it, the Pseudostamen. Let’s go there!

Find the Worm of Sutej

The Worm of Sutej is located at the bottom right of the Hadramavet Desert, the new unlockable zone in version 3.4 of the game. If you look closely, it is very easy to access where it is hidden.

Our starting point will be that teleportation point located right at the bottom of the enemy’s habitat. It will be enough for us to fly towards the area so that we can see a crater on the ground, its hiding place.

Preparing the team

This team will be very easy to set up, but we have a handicap: it is necessary to bring at least one Anemo member (Venti, Kazuha or Scaramouche), since the weak point of the Worm of Sutej can be reached thanks to the reactions of Whirlwind. It will be enough for you to equip characters that are consonant with Anemo (absolutely all except Dendro and Geo).

As some ideas, you can equip Diluc, Kokomi and Shogun Raiden. For a more F2P team we will have other options, such as Fischl, Yanfei and Xingqiu, adding Faruzán as an Anemo element or even the Traveler in line with this element.


The fight against Sutej’s Worm in Genshin Impact will be simple, since it has an erratic attitude and does not usually attack all the time, as it happens with other enemies. The best way to go taking life will be with elemental attacks and reactions between them.

This erratic attitude will end once we have subtracted enough life, where a text box will indicate that it is the best time to damage the Worm with a Whirlwind (Anemo + any element, except Geo and Dendro). Executing such an attack, we will knock down the enemy and we will be able to attack him on the entire surface of his body.

And this is how we managed to get to the place where Sutej’s Worm is installed in Genshin Impact, whose drop, the Pseudostamen, is necessary for characters like Alhacén. You can also check the Genshin Impact website for more information and our guide to ascension materials and talents. Good luck to beat it!

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