Guide Tower of Fantasy Game8 – The latest game made by developer Hotta Studio entitled Tower of Fantasy touted as a game rival Genshin Impact. In fact, it was once called Genshin Killer. This game also has its own community that also provides information, one of which is guide.

However, recently found some unpleasant news for the players who often search Guide Tower of Fantasy on the Game8 site. It is known that the site no longer provides games made by Hotta Studio. Oh, why is that? Instead of being confused and curious, let’s find out together!

Update Guide Tower of Fantasy on the Game8 Site Is No More

You can find this information yourself on the Game8 website, which is known as the site guide with tons of information, hints, tricks and more on a wide variety of popular games. Through a posting note since the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update, the site is no longer available update regarding information about games made by Hotta Studio developers.

You can see the post below.

Guide Tower of Fantasy Game8

Guide Tower of Fantasy Game8


Gamers Reaction

tower of fantasy versi 2.0

tower of fantasy versi 2.0

Tower of Fantasy

This information is enough to surprise the players who have subscribed to looking for various information, especially on guide ToF games. Meanwhile for gamers who don’t play it, especially from the player community Genshin Impactthis news raises various responses from them as well meme.

Even though it doesn’t deliver guide the newest one after the 2.0 update, it seems that the Game8 site is still maintaining their old guide information for the players. However, it is unknown how long they will retain this information, bearing in mind that some of the games I played were deleted guideit from this site.

A Genshin Killer game that dares to fight mechanics with all its features

Genshin Killer

Genshin Killer

Genshin Killer coy

Talking about Genshin Killer, besides ToF there are still lots of games that get nicknames like this. Many hope that this game can beat the game made by miHoYo in terms of mechanics in presenting added action RPG gameplay features open world anime style. To find out more, you can read in full through the Gamebrott article here.

That’s information about the game8 site no longer providing an update guide Tower of Fantasy starting from the release of version 2.0 update. Does this bode badly for the ToF player community?

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