Game PAYDAY 3 – The PAYDAY franchise is a heist-themed game with a gameplay style like Left 4 Dead. In the second sequel, the fans are always spoiled with new DLC and heists so that PAYDAY 2 can live quite a long time. Now, Starbreeze Studio along with Prime Matter as the developer and publisher are satisfied with PAYDAY 2 by announcing PAYDAY 3 and showing off its first trailer.

PAYDAY 3 Game Just Announced

This announcement is a breath of fresh air at the start of the year for the large PAYDAY community especially on Steam. Since its last release back in 2013, the PAYDAY game has gained quite a high playtime even though the game is as old as GTA V on Steam. This is thanks to the modder community, which is allowed by the developers to be creative with the game, and Starbreeze Studio, which is diligent in providing updates and DLC so that players can still feel at home playing the game.

Feeling that PAYDAY needs to step up to the next gen, Starbreeze Studio is now showing off the first trailer for the game. This short trailer, which lasts less than 30 seconds, only shows the night silhouette of a city with the 4 main protagonists of the PAYDAY franchise, namely Dallas, Chain, Wolf, and Hoxton, who are very familiar to players. In the trailer, it is also announced that the planned release schedule will be present this year if there are no delays or obstacles.

In fact, rumors of a new PAYDAY game have been circulating since 2021, with leaks of the game’s main setting being New York City and the concept of a digital city. It’s just that other leaks are less exposed and are just consumption by the community without any solid sources.

Starbreeze Studio’s gameplay issues are still keeping it a secret. But most likely not much different from the two predecessors. If we draw based on the leaks two years ago, it is possible that there will be some hacking puzzle mechanisms and classes and items related to these mechanisms which will become new obstacles in your robbery activities.

You Can Enter Your Wishlist on Steam

You can find PAYDAY 3 on Steam now and you can add it to your wishlist. So if you are a PAYDAY fan or a gamer who likes heist games, the PAYDAY series is a must have in your Steam library.

For those of you who have never played it, PAYDAY is a heist or bank robbery FPS themed game. The gameplay process starts from planning entry and exit routes, heist methods whether frontal or stealth, to selecting classes, skills, and weapons that are suitable for your robbery at each level. This combination makes the game’s replayability level very high and loved by its fans.

How? Has your wait as a PAYDAY fan paid off?

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