Meet Gabriela Uriarte: nutritional coach and youtuber

Nutrition is a topic that in recent years has been in vogue, because people are increasingly concerned about looking and feeling better. Food is fundamental to achieve this goal, because we are what we eat. That is why it is essential to have advice on this issue and social networks have allowed experts in the field to be recognized for their excellent work in the area.

Gabriela, the professional

The nutritionist, Gabriela Uriarte, is a 29-year-old Spaniard, graduated in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Navarra in Spain and a specialist in nutrition. She began studying this career without knowing much about the subject, or what it was about.

As time went by she learned about how fundamental it is to help people to have a good dietary and nutritional advice in order to have a healthy life.

Coming from a family of doctors, through her father and grandfather, she always knew she liked to help people. Once she finished her college career, she noticed that there was a lot of misinformation regarding this topic, a thing that “outraged” her, because people did not have the tools to feed themselves properly.

Nutrition in Social Networks

Her first initiative was to open a Youtube channel, on the recommendation of her boyfriend, tired of hearing her talk about the subject, he advised her to record herself and publish the videos. Her free time was a lot, because not many patients attended her consultations.

Four years ago she decided to start Instagram, where she has gained more than 254 thousand followers. She started by sharing messages such as “you don’t have to suffer or starve yourself to eat well, keep in line and take care of yourself”. She realized that she had to be flexible to help people and change the idea that good nutrition is only eating “boiled broccoli”.

In an interview she confessed that her secret to engage with her followers: “is the message and the way I try to transmit it connect with people, with normal people. I don’t have a 36 pants, it’s hard for me to go to the gym and I tell them so they can see that it’s possible to change. When you talk about healthy eating, you think that the person who says it is perfect, and I tell them by saying: “Hey, it’s hard for me too”.

Helping, the motivation of Gabriela Uriarte

The also author of the book “No Diet Forever”, confesses that her main objective is to bring information to people about this topic that has been little talked about for a long time. Her work focuses on weight loss, which entails a change of habits. As a Nutritional Coach, she guides her patients to carry out this change in the best way, because she knows that emotions have a great influence on this lifestyle.

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