In the latest Chollywood gossip, Shirley Arica claimed that Gabriela Herrera and Mario Irivarren had a brief romance, but the dancer clarified that they have been good friends for more than seven years. Meche Barrios verifies this news carefully.

In other news, Gisela’s producer invited dancer Meche Barrios to conciliate due to a fine that GV imposed on her for breaching the contract. Magaly Medina met Renzo Costa’s twins, and Jazmin Pinedo is counting down the days to be reunited with Pedro Araujo.

Brunella Horna celebrated her birthday by having lunch with the people of ‘America hoy’, but Valeria Piazza complained that she wasn’t invited to the yacht celebration. Alejandra Baigorria, who is on fire with the production of ‘Esto es guerra’, said that the show is no longer a competition but just clowning around.

Now, it’s time for me to go and take a shower with my hot love. Suuuaaaveee.

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