How to delete WhatsApp files on your cell phone to free up space

The Meta application allows you to manage what content to download automatically in the chats.

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications to share files such as audios, photos, videos and documents, which implies that it is one of the platforms that can consume more storage memory on the phone.

Many users do not pay attention to this situation and their phones fill up faster than expected, despite not having many photos in the gallery or additional applications that can generate this memory consumption, because the real reason for the low space is in the Meta app and the configuration that each user has.

To solve this problem and not have to delete photos or important applications, WhatsApp has a simple solution for everyone to manage the files they have shared in their chats.

How to delete files in WhatsApp

Normally a chat is a space where memes, family videos, audios and valuable documents are shared. All of this is saved on the phone, creating a copy that allows you to play the content, but leaving a file in memory that may never be used again.

Over time the sum of all these files generates a large number, which will affect the possibilities of saving other content. To make it delete everything you do not need, these are the steps to follow:

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Go to Settings.

3. Go to the Storage and data section.

4. Choose the first option Manage storage.

When we get to this section we will find a graph that will show the amount of space that the files saved on WhatsApp are occupying and the percentage with respect to the full memory of the phone.

Then there is a section with the files that weigh more than 5 MB, i.e. the largest ones, which are mostly videos and audios. And at the bottom there is a complete list of all the contacts with whom there has been a conversation and they are sorted according to the number of files that have been shared.

To start deleting all this content, you have to enter each profile and choose the files to delete. While the process can be long and wasteful by having to enter each contact and see what to delete, it is a better way to do the cleaning by knowing what has been shared and see each file to understand whether or not it is worth removing it from the cell phone.

How to manage WhatsApp downloads

To avoid that the number of files that the application saves is very large, the same platform offers options to manage downloads and that what is stored on the phone is what we really want.

Going to Settings>Storage and data we will find a section called Automatic download. In that section there are three tabs to sort what we want to download once it is received in a chat, whether they are audios, videos, photos and documents.

These options are customized according to the tastes of each user so that when receiving any of these contents, the user has to accept the download and if not, the content will not be stored on the device.

This is recommended for groups, where many times files that are not of interest are sent and accumulate unnecessarily in the phone’s memory.

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