Garena has confirmed that there will be a collaboration between Free Fire and one of the well-known games, namely Devil May Cry 5. This collaboration between Free Fire X Devil May Cry 5 will present two new skins. This collaboration is also the first collaboration for Free Fire in 2023.

Of course, the news of this collaboration is good news for the Survivors. Because Devil May Cry 5 is a game that is very popular and liked by many gamers. Especially the main character Dante looks very handsome and cool.

Bocoran Free Fire X Devil May Cry 5

Information about the Free Fire X Devil May Cry 5 Collaboration has been circulating on various social media. Where based on existing information, this collaboration will present two new skins themed Dante and Nero.

Devil May Cry 5 itself is the 5th series game of the Devil May Cry franchise. Since then until now, the Devil May Cry franchise is still very much liked by gamers because of its exciting gameplay when played.

Apart from skins, there will also be several iconic things in the game Devil May Cry 5 that will be presented to Free Fire.

Regarding the release date, Collaboration Free Fire X Devil May Cry 5 is confirmed to be released in January 2023, but there is no further information regarding the date

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