There are options that few know about but that are well worth trying to add items to inventory. There is no risk that Garena will consider you a cheater.

There is a golden opportunity to add skins to your inventory without getting into trouble with Garena. There are solutions to save money in Free Fire and there is no need to download hacks or cheat in games. There is loot that requires the payment of a small sum in diamonds (real money) and that is not accessible to everyone. There are those who risk being banned, but this will not be the case if you read this article.
Therefore, many users recharge diamonds regularly. Some players cannot afford to spend money and are looking for alternative ways to earn in-game currency. Unlike gold, players cannot earn diamonds within Free Fire.

Let’s see which ones are the three best applications to get free diamonds on Free Fire.

FREE FIRE | Follow streamer events

BOOYAH is a popular app that users can use to get Free Fire Diamonds for free. The app was created by Garena and it features tons of events that reward players with various items. Sometimes the big prizes for some events also include in-game currency. You must link your Free Fire account with the app.

FREE FIRE | Complete objectives and win

Poll Pay is the next option on this list of apps. In this Get Paid To (GPT) app, players need to complete tasks like downloading apps and solving surveys, quizzes and more to get some cash via PayPal for diamonds to spend.

FREE FIRE | your opinion matters

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards comes first on this list and is the best app that players can use to get free diamonds. Users must first create a profile by entering their age, name, and other details.

After that, they will need to complete surveys to earn Google Play credits.

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