Who was Francisco Stanley Solis and what was his relationship with Chef Benito?

Francisco Stanley Solis, Paco Stanley’s son, had a close relationship with Chef Benito.

Francisco Stanley Solis was born in 1968, and his name resurfaced in the press when the famous Chef Benito talked about him in an interview. The Master Chef participant said that when he was only 25 years old, they were best friends and even influenced his current look.

“When I was 25, my best friend was Paco Stanley’s son, Francisco S. Solís, el Franky.”

“Franky had a horrible cantinflesco mustache, but he insisted that I grow my own. So I let it grow. Franky returned to Mexico and died soon after. It was in honor of him that I grew it.

Paco Stanley’s son died in 1993 and little has been said about it in the press since he kept a low profile despite the great fame of his father, Paco, who presumably will have his own series.

Chef Benito was a friend of Paco Stanley's son

How did Paco Stanley, Francisco Stanley Solis’ father, die?

The death of Paco Stanley continues to be a big secret since there are many theories about who could have ordered the assassination of the famous TV host; however, to this day there are no culprits or exact explanation of what happened in this tragic event that paralyzed Mexico.

The famous TV host was executed by five men as he was leaving breakfast at the restaurant “El Charco de las Ranas”. For a long time it has been speculated that everything was due to a betrayal by Mario Bezares, but this has been denied on several occasions.

What were Paco Stanley’s programs?

Paco Stanley participated in several programs on Televisa and TV Azteca such as Nuestra gente, Alegrías de Mediodía, Divertidísimo, La Mujer Ahora, El Club del Hogar, ¡Ándale!, Llévatelo, ¡Pácatelas!, Una tras otra, “Si hay y bien, among others.

There is no doubt that Paco Stanley left a great legacy to Francisco Stanley Solis, Paul Stanley Durruty and Leslie Stanley Pedroza.

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