16 known and new NPCs want to talk to you.

With Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 there is a new island and with it 16 new characters in the collection. As you don’t know any other way, the NPCs on the new map are there to help you around the clock with their individual offers and services. Among other things, you can buy weapons, items and information, recruit NPCs as companions and much more. So that you don’t have to search long for the NPCs, we show you on this page where you can find all Fortnite characters on the Season 1 Map. We also tell you when which NPC spawns, what offers they have in store for you and what else there is to know.

All Character Locations on Fortnite Chapter 4 Map

With Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 there are 16 new characters in the collection and on the island, plus there is also a boss. Apart from a few exceptions, these are completely new NPCs who, apart from the boss, are all friendly to you. Means: They only attack you if you hit them with an attack beforehand. On the map below we have marked all the localities of the Fortnite characters. More detailed information about the respective locations, offers and when each NPC spawns can be found below. Just remember the number on the map and look at the list further down the page.

Please note: some characters do not remain at their spawn point, but instead patrol back and forth on a set path. Also, there are a few characters like Wildcard that have multiple possible spawn points. Here, chance always determines at which of the locations the NPC appears at the start of the match. So if you don’t find a certain character, it either spawned somewhere else, is walking around somewhere in the area, or another player has already killed the NPC. You may have to jump into a new round if you really want to talk to the NPC.

List with all orders, weapons and information of the NPCs

In Chapter 4 Season 1, each character offers you a more or less unique offer in exchange for bars. In the following list you will find out what options each character offers you, how or under what circumstances it can be found and how many bars you need to bring with you.

Character (No.) locality offer
Aura (1) Fuel Port (on the north-east edge of the map) Buy: 5x Boozepack (2 pieces, rare, costs 96 bars)
Recruit: Recruit Aura (costs 100 bars)
Evie (2) Coastal Hut (on the south-west edge of the map) Buy: 5x Shadow Deed (exotic, costs 400 bars)
Activate Rift (costs 250 bars)
Frozen Fish Stick (3) Islands of Ice (directly west of Brutal Bastion) Buy: 5x Shield Sprinklers (Rare, costs 250 ingots)
Buy: 5x Chili Drink Pack (3pcs, Exotic, costs 210 ingots)
Icy Red Knight (4) Brutal Bastion (walks around the walls) Buy: 5x Firefly Jar (3pcs, rare, costs 150 ingots)
Recruit: Recruit Icy Red Knightess (costs 100 ingots)
Omega Ritter (5) Far Fortress (Northwest of Faulty Splits) Buy: 5x Pulse Grenade (3 pieces, Rare, costs 24 bars)
Buy: 5x Shockwave Hammer (Epic, costs 250 bars)
Princess Felicity Fish (6) Westguard (top of the tower, southwest of The Citadel) Buy: 5x Grabber Bow (Exotic, costs 500 ingots)
Tip: Gives the bus driver a small tip (costs 250 ingots)
Raptorian the Brave (7) Secured Area (east of Shattered Slabs) Buy: 5x Primeval Flaming Bows (Legendary, costs 400 bars)
Recruit: Recruit Raptorian (costs 100 bars)
Neymar Jr. (8) Slappy Shores (on the field to the Northeast) · Buy: 5x Boost Juice (3 pieces, rare, costs 150 bars)
· Healing: Heals you completely
Junkknight Jules (9) Faulty Splits (at the forge in the south) Buy: 5x Assault Rifle (Epic, costs 250 ingots)
Buy: 5x Snowball Launcher (Epic, costs 600 ingots) Buy: 5x Snowball Launcher (Legendary, costs 800 ingots)
Helsie (10) Curious Cult Site (Northwest of Faulty Splits) Buy: 5x Thunder Shotgun (Legendary, costs 400 ingots)
Recruit: Recruit Helsie (costs 100 ingots)
Joni die Rote (11) · Faulty Splitz (in the bowling alley to the northwest)
· Wild Meadow (southwest of Frenzy Fields on the edge of the island)
Buy: 5x Red Dot Assault Rifle (Epic, costs 250 ingots)
Recruit: Recruit Joni the Red (costs 100 ingots)
snow heart (12) Ice Cave (Northwest of Brutal Bastion) Buy: 5x Primordial Stinkbow (Legendary, costs 400 bars) Reveal: Reveal
the next Eye of the Storm (costs 175 bars)
Sunflower (13) Frenzy Fields (near the trees to the north) Buy: 5x Booze Cannon (exotic, costs 600 bars) Buy: 5x Pulse Grenade
(3 pieces, rare, costs 24 bars)
Surrr Burger (14) Anvil Square (inside the house with the black roof) Buy: 5x The Double (exotic, costs 600 bars)
Activate object transformation (disguise yourself as an object, costs 75 bars)
Wildcard (15) Breakwater Bay
Royale Ruins (west of The Citadel at the edge of the map)
Schattered Slabs (patrols north to the road)
Buy: 5x Unstable Bow (Exotic, costs 500 ingots)
Buy: 5x Ex-Caliber Rifle (Epic, costs 250 ingots)
Diamond Diva (16) Meadow Mansion (west of Frenzy Fields) Buy: 5x Expert Automatic Shotguns (Legendary, costs 400 bars)
Recruit: Recruit Diamond Diva (costs 100 bars)
The Timeless One (A) The Citadel No Offer (The Timeless One is a Boss)

Fortnite characters explained: what services the NPCs offer and how to recognize them

The characters in Fortnite are NPCs (computer-controlled characters) that were originally introduced in Chapter 2 Season 5 and have been a staple of every new Season ever since. Means: With each new season, all or at least a large part of the old NPCs are exchanged for a new set with new localities and offers.

Characters in Fortnite are usually identified by their unique appearance, but sometimes there are a few specimens that look exactly like popular player skins. So, at first sight, they could be confused, so you shouldn’t shoot them blindly, otherwise you’ll have to fight them out to the end or flee. However, there is one clear indication that it is an NPC: Characters have a small gray speech bubble over their heads, which can be seen through all obstacles. This speech bubble symbol is also shown to you as an icon on the map and mini-map when you are near an NPC.

If you want to talk to a Fortnite character, just approach and then press the interact button (PC = E, PS4 = square, Xbox = X). A dial with the various call options will then open at the bottom of the screen. Select your desired option and confirm (PC = left mouse button, PS4 = X, Xbox = A). If you have enough bars, the deal will be closed.

You can do this with the characters in Chapter 4 Season 1

Character features, offerings, and services vary slightly from season to season. In Chapter 4 Season 1, the characters always offer you two options. Usually you can buy at least one, sometimes even two different weapons (including exotic weapons) or consumables. There is also information such as uncovering the next storm eye and services such as recruiting. Each character has an individual range of offerings that are more or less different from other NPCs.

The characters can offer you the following services:

  • Buy rare, epic, legendary weapons
  • Buy exotic weapons and items such as Shadow Deed, Grabber Bow, Unstable Bow, Booze Cannon, The Double, Chili Booze Pack
  • Purchase consumables such as shield sprinklers, boost juice, etc
  • Activate rift (teleports you up in the air and you can land elsewhere)
  • Recruit the NPC (helps you in battle and quests)
  • Reveal the next storm eye (you see where the next storm zone becomes active).
  • Disguise as an object like a bush or garbage can using object transformation.

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