The new item available in Fortnite allows you to operate from a distance and avoid the risk of falling victim to enemies in areas with better loot.

The Falcon Scout is an awesome scouting item that has arrived in Fortnite with the latest update. The device is used to get a panoramic view of the battlefield in real time, but there are a lot of other things that can help you improve your battle performance in Season 1 of Chapter 4.

The first thing is that Falcon Scout can be used to cause distractions in Fortnite. Players can take control of the flying automaton and head straight into a group of enemies to fly around them. Those with audio visualization enabled will be distracted by an alert from the nearby Falcon Scout. This will cause the rivals to open fire and lose ammunition. You can also fly towards an enemy and block their field of vision.

Everything you can do with the Falcon Scout

Another play you can do is to steal weapons and items. The moment an enemy opens a chest, the Falcon Scout can be used to swoop in and steal the loot. You can get must-have items like Rocket Launchers, Guardian Shields, and Legendary Tier Weapons.

In case you play as a team, the Falcon Scout can be used to pick up fallen teammates and thus save them from elimination. If the enemy manages to take out the downed player, the automaton can pick up the ranged reset card. The reset process can be quite tedious, but it’s better than playing without a teammate.

If rivals are entrenched in a structure, the Falcon Scout can mark the location to reveal enemies. Teammates who have Deku’s Smash can use this information to take out players without as much drama.

Finally, the Falcon Scout can be used to open the best chests without being seen by the enemies. A good example of this is the cave within Shattered Slabs that houses an Oathbound chest. Instead of entering the cave, players can send the Scout Falcon to search the chest and collect the items.

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