Fornication is considered illicit sexual actions that are not under or outside of marriage. Word that is used in any sense about intimate relations, to be adulterous. It is a word that in its function determines certain acts as incorrect in the eyes of God, in religions this practice is condemned as shown in one of the 10 commandments, calling acts related to sex fully explicit, any physical act, from not penetrate to do it anally, oral, and any improper carnal desire uncontrolled, between equal sexes or any act that is not pure.

A person must be chaste and be obligated to his or her partner in marriage, so having relations with another person outside of marriage is considered adultery, in addition to fornication. The unmarried being with one or more partners is said to be promiscuous and fornicator. Being under the divine law the Christians of the first century considered it a repulsive and sinful act, leading to death to anyone who was discovered doing it. The etymology of the word is very explicit in its description with some variables that comes from Latin, Fornicari, which actually means to have relations with a prostitute; which in turn derives from the word Fórnix that made reference to the vaulted safe area intended for clandestine shows where women were negotiated between selling and betting prostitutes; this happened in ancient Rome that were the brothels of the time, so fornication can be understood as having sex for money.

In the religious aspect it is complex the approaches that can be given between ethics and morality, varying among religions the vision that they can have differ very openly among them, because while some accept them as part of the evolution of the spirit others prohibit them. In spite of the biblical basis of the book Ezekiel makes reference that fornication is the fact of spilling something, that is to say, sperm. The reality of this issue is that it will always be linked between the legal and religion, in some countries the law does not condemn the moral deviations that a person has in his private life, even if Islam openly condemns it and is punishable by death by public stoning as well as men and women.

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