A former Cancun police officer was shot dead during an armed robbery in the vicinity of Supermanzana 50 (Superblock 50). The events occurred during the afternoon of Tuesday, April 4, on Chilam Balam Avenue and caused a strong police mobilization.

According to reports from the scene, the former police officer was shot dead by some men on a motorbike, who fled in an unknown direction after shooting him.

It is said that he was shot dead because he had resisted a robbery attempt by the motorcyclists.

The former policeman, identified as Damián “N”, arrived in a white Matiz-type car at Supermanzana 50 to accompany a woman who had gone to withdraw money from a bank branch. However, Damián “N” arrived late to the meeting, and when he did, the men who killed him intercepted him to rob him, which he resisted.

After this, the assailants opened fire repeatedly at the former policeman, who despite running for his life, ended up being shot dead by the men on a motorbike, who fled after the armed attack.

Red Cross paramedics arrived at the scene to try to save the life of the former Cancun police officer, but could do nothing for him, as the bullet wounds he received killed him instantly.

For this reason, the paramedics withdrew from the area, and the Quintana Roo State Attorney General’s Office took over the case, carrying out the corresponding investigations and then taking the body to the Semefo facilities.

While the body was being taken to the Semefo, the police deployed operations in the area to search for those responsible for the armed attack, which led to the seizure of an abandoned mobile unit in Region 95 of Cancun.

It was also reported that the alleged perpetrators of the murder had been arrested, but the authorities have not confirmed or denied it.

Finally, it is important to point out that Damián “N”, the former Cancun policeman who was shot dead in Supermanzana 50, worked as a bodyguard and over the years has worked for private individuals.

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