We tell you how to get to the floating Loot Island in Fortnite. Where does the floating Loot Island appear in Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4? Here is the Complete guide.

Fortnite floating Loot Island

Behold! The mystical Loot Island, a wondrous floating landmass, is one of the most alluring and enigmatic locations on the Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4 map. With its unpredictable appearance, this majestic flying island materializes out of thin air as the battles rage on, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the gameplay.

Oh, the treasures and mysteries that await on this mythical island in the sky! Venture forth, fearless warrior, and uncover its secrets. In this Fortnite guide, we will tell you how to get to Loot Island and what items we can find:

Where does Loot Island appear in Fortnite, how to get there?

Loot Island is a floating island and one of the named locations on the map of Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 4. It is quite special because it appears randomly all over the island as matches progress, and a marker will alert all players when it appears.

Fortnite floating Loot Island

Once we are at the base of the island, we have two options to get to it: build in Battle Royale -not something recommended because they can destroy our structures and make us die from fall damage- or use any of the vertical zip lines there.

Once on the surface of Booty Island, we have two points of interest. The first one is the capture zone: if we capture the flag, we will get many weapons and items including the Mythic weapon Accelerated Pulse Rifle.

The second point of interest in Booty Island is a vault that is in some caverns below the house. If we have two keys, we can open it and search a few chests and ammo boxes inside. There are also barrels of SORBETE that will come in handy to recover health and / or shield.

Floating Loot Island Fortnite

With this you already know how to get to Loot Island in Fortnite. We remind you that in our game guide we help you with different aspects of the game, such as how to complete all the Missions or how to get the Super Styles of the Battle Pass skins. Do not miss it!

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