• Final Fantasy XVI will bring out the full potential of the Sony console.
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In the summer of next year, Final Fantasy fans are in luck, since, after years since its announcement, we will be able to see how Final Fantasy XVI will hit stores around the world, while this title promises to be a true revolution for the saga on par with being one of the most anticipated games by PS5 fans.

Under this same premise, and after Microsoft has confirmed whether or not Final Fantasy VII Remake will arrive on Xbox and, therefore, this sixteenth installment, it has been seen that Square Enix is giving everything in the title trailers, thus that these show Final Fantasy XVI with an overwhelming technical deployment. And it seems that the visual difference with respect to what we will see in the game will not be very big.

According to Naoki Yoshia, producer of Final Fantasy XVI, the trailer shown at The Game Awards shows the game as it will hit stores
We have recently been able to see that the producer of the title, Naoki Yoshia, has given a statement in which he has spoken of the recent trailer for the title, thereby giving rise to the fact that we have been able to see how the creative has qualified Final Fantasy XVI as a capable title. to get the full potential of PS5, while pointing out that the Revenge trailer has moved in real time and that it is a clear reflection of how the title will look on the Sony console.

It should be noted that the video in which he has given this information, which is called Letter from the Producer, lasts approximately four hours, but the Twitter user known as Genki_JPN has been in charge of translating and sharing this information on his personal account of the aforementioned social network, as you can see below:

It should be noted that the trailer that the producer of Final Fantasy XVI is talking about is the same one that was shown at The Game Awards earlier this month at the gala held at dawn on December 8, in which Elden Ring rose with the win on par with next year’s Final Fantasy installment failing to do the same for the most anticipated game category, as this award went to the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom.

On the other hand, it should be noted that there has been no little information that we have been able to learn about the title since then, since, to begin with, the release date of Final Fantasy XVI was announced at the event itself, which was said originally that it would be in summer, thereby giving rise to Square Enix taking it literally, since the title will arrive on the second day of this season. Be that as it may, you can take a look at the Revenge trailer below:

For the rest, it only remains to mention that Final Fantasy XVI will be released on June 22 for PS5, thus giving rise to us being able to see one of the great games that the Sony console will receive. Likewise, it should be noted that it is expected that a few months after the launch, the title will land on PC, as has happened with other installments of the Japanese company.

Likewise, regarding the age rating, it should be noted that the title has been classified as an adult game, this being something that should not surprise anyone if we take into account that on several occasions Square Enix has confirmed that it would be a very bloody and violent compared to others that we have been able to see in the past, which is saying a lot if we take into account the fate of many characters in the saga throughout its history.

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