What a soccer World Cup final we had yesterday! Argentina took the trophy in the grand final after beating France on penalties, and video games can score the same in this regard. We have already told you more than once that FIFA 23, the EA Sports soccer simulator, has an official mode for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, but it was also encouraged by predictions.

Before the competition kicked off, EA Sports ran a simulation of the championship on FIFA 23 this past November. Although many things have not come true, the biggest surprise is that the game predicted that Argentina would win the 2022 World Cup, something that was not easy to predict given the level of other teams. In fact, in the final he did not even put France, but rather pointed to an ideal outcome for South America with a classic between Brazil and the albiceleste.

The most striking thing about this is not this specific success with FIFA 23, since it can be pointed out as a curiosity without further ado; What is surprising is that FIFA has been guessing the winner of the World Cup for four consecutive editions: it did it with Spain in 2010, it repeated with Germany in 2014, it guessed the victory of France in 2018 and now it does it again with Argentina led by Leo Messi. Will the fifth in a row arrive in 2026?

The latest FIFA from EA Sports

This success is a good farewell for EA Sports of the FIFA saga itself. The name will no longer accompany the franchise after the federation and the company did not reach an agreement to extend the collaboration, so the following Electronic Arts soccer video games will bear the name ‘EA Sports FC’ instead of ‘FIFA ‘. In this way, FIFA 23 has been the last FIFA from EA Sports, which gives this installment even more relevance.

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