Two representatives from the Premier League and one from the Bundesliga will be part of Centurion’s Team 2 when it arrives in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Content continues to come out of Centurions, the first event of the year for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. We already had a whole team of special cards, plus a mini release today that brought us two interesting and cheap players via SBC. Now, Team 2 of the promo needs to come out, and the first players that will be part of it have already been leaked.

It was the well-known leaker FUT Sheriff who revealed that Mohamed Salah, Fred, and Marco Reus will receive versions as Centurions in Ultimate Team. They are expected to leave tomorrow, January 13, to replace Team 1.

The stats that you can see above are only predictions, so you should take it with a grain of salt. Salah could prove to be one of the best cards in the event, if he improves his weak leg three stars. Reus could be an interesting (although somewhat slow) attacking midfielder, while Fred would be a very good box-to-box because of his stats and good chemistry.

We will have to wait until tomorrow for the information to be confirmed through the EA Sports announcement, although the FUT Sheriff leaks are usually almost always correct.

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