We continue with the FIFA 23 squad creation challenges with which we incorporate new stars or get various rewards for our Ultimate Team from the well-known Electronic Arts soccer game.

This SBC is centered around the World Cup marquee matches in Qatar. With prizes such as different packs of envelopes composed between specials and gold with players inside that they incorporate into our “album”. In this guide we have the cheapest and most affordable solutions for it.

FIFA WC Marquee Match Challenge

The World Cup in Qatar is over, but not the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squad building challenges. In fact, there is currently one that contains the not inconsiderable rewards of a Premium Gold pack, another Electro and a Jumbo, not to mention the great prize for completing all its scenarios: a premium electro player pack.

This challenge consists of four scenarios to complete and will expire in three days (12/22). The tests are as follows:

France vs Nigeria

  • Objective: Swap a squad that has players from France and Nigeria.
  • Requirements: average rating of 70 and chemistry of 14; at least 1 player from France and England; at least 4 different clubs and 3 different nationalities

The chemistry part is easy to solve thanks to the players who could be in a Chinese team; many of them have prices that are as little as 200 coins or as much as 400 as in the case of Jiang Jihong.

Even if his midrange is well below the 70 we’re looking for, it can easily be corrected with Fulgino, Nita, Ighalo or Shaparenko, all for 400 a head. Thus we also ensure the requirement of clubs and nationalities. The set should come out for an amount of 3,450 on consoles or 3,350 on PC.

Netherlands vs Costa Rica

  • Objective: Exchange a squad that has players from the Netherlands and Costa Rica.
  • Requirements: average rating of 72 and chemistry of 18; at least 1 player from the Netherlands and Costa Rica, minimum 4 unique; at least 4 different clubs and a maximum of 5 from the same league.

Here chemistry is once again a stumbling block in order to complete this second scenario. Once again we have tried to find players at a low price in their positions and with factors that enhance them (same nation, clubs, etc.). This can be fixed along with four unique players by signing Thiede, Stellwagen, Probst and Baack to our team. Three cost us 300 and the most expensive for 450.

You can already imagine that with them we also solve the requirement of five from the same league. The average is not a problem either when signing some like Kepa or Danilo Pereira for 400 and 450, which also helps the club requirement. With these operations, this scenario should not be much better than, or even cheaper than, 3,650 coins on consoles or 4,550 on PC.

Argentina vs Belgium

  • Objective: Exchange a squad that has players from Argentina and Belgium.
  • Requirements: average rating of 74 and chemistry of 22; at least 1 player from Argentina and Belgium, minimum 4 gold; a maximum of 4 players from the same country or region and a maximum of 5 leagues.

The requirement of the four gold players comes in handy to reduce the cost of the average and reinforce it; 74 is not a very high number, so with Borja Iglésias, Rodriguez and Alex Berguer for 1,500 the three of them come out very economically for this part of the operation. Don’t forget to watch their positions for chemistry.

The maximum of four other players from the same country or region can be met by the English in the midfield, all of them for 200 per beard. Since the maximum number of different leagues allowed is five, you also take that weight off your shoulders. In total we are talking about 3,550 on consoles or 5,650 on PC.

Brazil vs germany

  • Objective: Exchange a squad that has players from Brazil and Germany.
  • Requirements: average rating of 76 and chemistry of 26; at least 1 player from Brazil and Germany, minimum 3 unique; a maximum of 5 players from the same club and at least 3 different nations or regions.

The “expensive” scenario of this SBC is, contradictorily, the easiest if you understand the requirements. We can solve the chemistry part by using pairs of players from the same club and playing in their positions. Paradoxically, there are also no anchoring options, but the thing is that chemistry also takes care of reinforcing the average.

Your highest payouts, at 600 and 650, should be Espino, and Soronza and Yimmi Chará (not to be confused with Diego Chará, although you’ll also need him for chemistry). From there, try to stick to the average by staying at most one point below on purchases, which will be around the prices of 500-400 FUT coins. The final transaction will cost us 5,250 on consoles or 6,000 on PC.

Is the Marquee Encounters SBC worth it?

Few negative aspects can be said about this second SBC that is published from Canopy Challenges. To the large number of players that we are going to “sign” for our club, we must add that all these cards will be transferable, and if we compare it with the previous one, they are much better rewards.

We would only advise against it if you were somewhat low on liquidity to carry out operations in the market, but even in that scenario it is one of the best squad-building challenges currently in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

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